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2016 was a war for hope … and you showed up to fight

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Jan 05, 2017

Many of us will remember 2016 as a difficult year across the globe — but because you chose to do something in the midst of tragedy and oppression, 616,520 people facing unimaginable circumstances experienced a life-changing glimpse of God’s love.

– You gave 6,397,904 nourishing meals to men, women, and children worldwide.

– You shipped 47 containers of humanitarian aid, impacting 577, 203 people.

– You provided lifesaving aid to 110,698 refugees throughout Iraq, Syria, and Jordan.

– You brought critical supplies into impoverished communities in 14 countries, including Guatemala, Honduras, Iraq, Jordan, Peru, Uganda, Haiti, Cuba, Nepal, Ukraine, Greece, Zimbabwe, India, and Turkey.

As the crisis in Aleppo, Syria, continued to worsen, you brought lifesaving supplies and tangible hope to families living a nightmare.

“Before, Aleppo was like a paradise. We had everything! We were happy and satisfied,” said Dua’a, a refugee mother of four.

“My husband disappeared and we don’t know where he is … I am so worried for my children. My youngest is 5 years old. When their dad disappeared it affected them so much … I hope we will find my husband and return home.”

In the midst of overwhelming grief and pain, your generosity was a powerful light in darkness. For refugee children overwhelmed with paralyzing trauma, the nourishing meals and warm sleeping bag you gave made an unimaginable difference.

You not only provided hope the moment it was needed most, but you gave critical relief items that literally saved lives.

We want to state our gratitude for the aid you sent to us. This is a very important matter because nearly all of the men are not able to work due to the lack of job opportunities … and we pray that you will continue this work and the Lord will bless you,” said Nada, an Iraqi refugee.

In Guatemala, you brought food, clothing, and vital medical equipment to rural communities and brought healing to over 283,660 men, women, and children.

“The donated equipment will be used to save lives, because they will be strategically distributed within hospitals … we are very grateful that you are part of the change that together we will make for our country,” said Julio Rivera, a volunteer.

When Hurricane Matthew tore through Cuba and Haiti, taking the lives of more than 800 people, you brought hope to thousands in the form of protein bars, water filters, food, large tarps, and more. Your generosity helped these nations begin to rebuild after devastating loss.

“2016 has been an incredible year for World Help’s Crisis Relief Program. You have allowed us to respond to the needs of some of the world’s most desperate places. Countries like Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Ecuador, Haiti, C.A.R. and Nepal are among many we served this year. It is because of your generosity that more than 600,000 people have received the help and hope they have been waiting for. Thank you!” said Josh Brewer, Program Director of Humanitarian Aid.

In a year that the world has defined by adversity, your generosity was a powerful message of hope — one that left its mark on 2016 and that will echo into eternity.

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