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3 ways you can send Christmas joy to a child

April Stumme
Dec 18, 2017

Christmas is a time of year that brings back some of our favorite memories — many of them from our childhood.

Kids don’t have to worry about the stress of buying presents or the chaos of planning parties. They can just soak in the joy, love, and beauty of the holiday. This Christmas, children around the world will celebrate with big smiles and bright laughter.

But while most children in first-world countries will spend Christmas morning tearing into their gifts, many in poor countries won’t receive any presents at all. And these are the children who need gifts the most.

Here are three ways you can send a gift to a child in need and give him a wonderful surprise this Christmas that will impact his life all year-round.

1. Send the gift of health — $15

Children in poor regions often go without basics necessities to keep them healthy. But you can give a child the most essential foundation to good health: clean water. Your $15 gift will provide clean water to one child for an entire year. Browse our online catalog to find other gifts that promote good health such as warm winter coats and mosquito nets.

2. Send the gift of play — $100

When you’re worried about where your next meal will come from, play isn’t a priority. But the ability to play is so important for the development of a child. All it takes is $100 to provide sports equipment for an entire community. Want to do even more? Consider giving a pair of shoes to protect a child’s feet as he runs and participates in games outdoors.

3. Send the gift of education — $40

Impoverished children all over the world dream of having a better life. And you can give a child the tools to accomplish that! For just $40, you can provide a child with school supplies to help him do well in the classroom and build a path to a successful career. You also can invest in a child’s spiritual education with the gift of a storybook Bible.

There’s never been a better time to share the joy of Christmas with a child.

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