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4 Ways Your Love is Building a Kingdom

Feb 13, 2015

“Dreaming? That’s for children. I stopped doing that when I was 5,” a victim of human trafficking told our partner Bonita Thompson, founder of the Home of New Beginnings in Thailand’s red light district.

It was clear the effects of poverty and oppression extended far beyond what was visible . . . they had suffocated a young girl’s capacity to dream, even to the extent that hope itself had become laughable.

At the heart of everything we do at World Help—every program, every project, and every campaign—is the goal of creating entry points for hope to enter in . . . the kind of hope that fills broken hearts with dreams and stretches out into eternity.

Honduras - World Help

But this would be impossible without you. Ultimately, it is through your compassion and generosity that the truth of God’s love is transforming impoverished communities around the world.

Your love is doing far more than meeting immediate needs and providing hope for a better life . . .

Your love is building a Kingdom.

Restoring God-Given Value

When a clean-water well is provided in a rural community overlooked by the government for centuries . . . when a persecuted refugee family can finally sleep under the comfort of warm blankets . . . when an abandoned, penniless child is given an opportunity to earn an education, a powerful message is spoken over their lives.

Rwanda - World Help

By meeting the needs of those marginalized by society, you place God-given value on their lives . . . you are helping broken communities realize the truth of their infinite worth.

Alleviating the Pain of Suffering

There will come a day when there is no more sorrow or suffering . . . but even now, as we seek to bring healing in the midst of pain and suffering, another piece of God’s Kingdom becomes visible on earth.

Iraq - World Help

You have reached into unthinkable darkness and pain by helping to fund two mobile medical clinics in Iraq, literally becoming the healing hands of Jesus to persecuted refugees. Through your compassion, you are alleviating the pain of suffering for hundreds of thousands through life-saving aid and relief.

Unlocking True Identity

Poverty and destitution breeds hopelessness in the hearts of those who desperately long to understand their purpose and true identity. But your love is changing that.

By making education possible in impoverished communities through vocational scholarships, child sponsorship, anti-human trafficking efforts, and more, you are shining a light into despair with the truth that every life is filled with meaning and is intricately knit together for a great purpose.

India - World Help

Countless men and women are stepping into their unique callings and carrying out an irreplaceable role in furthering God’s Kingdom because you cared.

Opening Doors to Freedom

It is for freedom that we have been set free—and your love is doing exactly that.

Because of you, victims of human trafficking are being set free from a life of slavery, severely malnourished infants have been released from death’s grip, thousands of impoverished children have a way out of the cycle of poverty they were born in to, and countless impoverished communities held prisoner to water-related illnesses are now free to truly live.

Thailand - World Help

But most important, your generosity is speaking the perfect love of God into desperate circumstances—breaking bonds of fear and despair and replacing them with eternal hope.

Thank you for partnering with us to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow . . . thank you for allowing your love to usher in God’s Kingdom on earth.


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it’s not too late to do something unforgettable. Instead of spending money on flowers and chocolates—things that only last for a moment—put your love on the map and change someone’s life forever.



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