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5 ways to make World Help Gifts a Christmas tradition

Melissa Schultz
Nov 10, 2016

Every family has its own unique — and often wacky — Christmas traditions.

On Christmas Eve, my family drove around town to look at the lights before coming home to drink hot chocolate and read the Christmas story. Although they were simple, our traditions were something I looked forward to every year.

You probably have special routines with your family, but have you ever thought about using your traditions to empower a family in the developing world?

Here are five ways you can integrate transformation into your Christmas traditions:

1. Let your child choose a Christmas gift for someone in need

An easy way to instill generosity and thankfulness into your Christmas traditions is by inspiring your children to actively participate in helping others.

As your child is makes his Christmas list, encourage him to pick out a gift from the World Help Gifts catalog in lieu of a present for himself.

This gives you a great opportunity to discuss generosity, giving, and what Christmas really means.

2. Start a family fundraiser

Want to give a larger gift like a clean-water well, cow, or family home? Getting the whole family involved is a great way to practically demonstrate caring for others.

Brainstorm your fundraiser ideas together and give each child special responsibilities every step of the way. You can host a family bake sale, throw a fundraiser party, or even pool your family Christmas gift money to help another family around the world. This is even a great way to get your extended family involved.


3. Use the World Help Gifts catalog as a prayer guide

Maybe you have special Advent traditions with your family such as reading Scripture together or counting down the days with an Advent calendar.

You can blend spiritual generosity into your traditions by praying for people receiving gifts from the World Help Gifts catalog. Each evening, pray together as a family for a child in need of rescue, or a community without a medical clinic.

Not only are your prayers powerful and effective, but praying through the catalog also opens your children’s eyes to the many needs in the world.

4. Give a gift in honor of a family member

Do you know someone in your family who has it all?

Instead of stressing about finding him the perfect gift, why not empower a family in his honor? Let your children help you pick the perfect gift from our catalog, or let the recipient decide by purchasing him a World Help gift card!

5. Stuff your stockings with merchandise from the catalog

Fill your family’s stockings with handcrafted gifts that boost developing economies.

When you purchase merchandise from the catalog, you celebrate the talent and industry of hardworking men and women around the world.

There’s a variety of merchandise offered for children and adults alike — Nepali scarves, Brazilian coffee beans, stuffed animals, jewelry, and more!


A purposeful Christmas

Christmas is a time of reflection, thankfulness, and expectation.

While caring about the world doesn’t mean you have to forgo all your celebrations and gift plans, Christmas truly is a season of giving back.

We can follow God’s example by giving to others as He gave us His son.

In between the parties and the carols, the shopping trips and the family meals, don’t miss the opportunity to make this year a purposeful Christmas!


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