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A shipping container changes the story

Vernon Brewer
Jun 04, 2019

I’ll never forget the faces of South Sudan’s children.

Their eyes and cheeks were hollow, their limbs bony. Their stomachs were rounded and swollen — the painful effect of a prolonged fight with malnutrition. They moved slowly, their bodies lacking the energy they would need to play and run.

These children weren’t normal boys and girls … they were like ghosts.

I was in a refugee camp in Northern Uganda, meeting a group of children who had fled their homes in South Sudan to escape violence. The problem is when you’re living in poverty, nowhere is safe. Disease and starvation will find you.

Most of these children had nothing to eat in their huts except for a small bag of flour.

Can you imagine rationing a little sack of flour and hoping it will be enough to keep you and your siblings from starving to death?

I’ve traveled around the world and seen many terrible things, but those children’s faces broke my heart. Even now, I can’t seem to shake the horror of the situation. Many of the children were orphans. They had no way to get food, no way to find a job, and now, they were starving. Wasting away before my eyes. And they are not alone.

Right now, people around the world are in desperate need lifesaving aid, and you have the power to help send it.

Thanks to generous corporations and grants, our warehouse is full of shelf-stable, nutrient dense food that will keep children healthy and full. We have mattresses and clothing that will help disaster victims rebuild their lives. We have medical equipment like hospital beds, surgical kits, crutches, and more.

We have the materials, but now we need you to help ship these supplies to the people who need them the most.

And the best part is your donation is multiplied 33X! That means your $30 gift will actually help ship $990 worth of medical equipment, food, hygiene kits, and more to families around the world.

I hope that you will give today and have your gift multiplied! I’ve seen firsthand how urgently these supplies are needed in so many communities.

I’ve been to clinics where surgeons are washing and reusing a few pairs of surgical gloves because they have no way to get more.

I’ve listened to doctors share how their hospital lacks the proper equipment to treat even the most basic of injuries, forcing them to refer their patients to facilities far away. And I’ve heard how many of them don’t survive the journey.

I’ve sat with men and women who have lost everything in natural disasters and are struggling just to keep their families alive.

And I’ve seen the children, the ones who will not see adulthood unless someone intervenes.

These people all live in different places and in different circumstances. They speak different languages, and they have different cultures. But they each have one thing in common — poverty has put their lives at risk.

Your $30 gift can give them the safety they have been searching for, and it will help save someone’s life. I know this because I’ve seen it happen. You can help give one of these stories a happy ending.

I’ve watched entire communities praise and worship as a critical shipment of food arrived in their village. I’ve spoken with refugees whose bodies were healed because generous donors helped ship medical equipment to clinics. I’ve watched as disaster victims rebuilt their lives using aid that compassionate people helped send. And I’ve seen those shipments of lifesaving supplies open the door for Christians around the world to share the Gospel.

But I also know that there are many people still in need of help. I know that in a refugee camp somewhere, a small child with hollow, sunken eyes is crying from hunger. And that’s why we can’t stop now.

Please give $30 today and watch as your gift multiplies, helping to save the lives of people in need all around the world.


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