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Banned Books Week: The one book people are willing to die for

  • September 26, 2021
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell

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Most booklovers are probably familiar with the significance of this week.

Sept. 26 – Oct. 2 is Banned Books Week. Launched in 1982, this annual event started as a result of schools, libraries, and bookstores challenging the “appropriateness” of certain books.

However, the Bible was challenged long before the ’80s … and it continues to be banned in many countries today.

That’s why Bibles for All Ambassadors send Bibles each month to people who don’t have access to God’s Word.

As a booklover myself, my shelves at home are overflowing. I’ve had to cram books into every available space — including a few plastic tubs beneath the bed.

But in a country like North Korea, books aren’t so easy to come by.

The government controls the types of books printed and sold. You can’t just walk into a North Korean bookstore and pick up your favorite author’s latest novel. The choices are slim, which is why people are finding other ways to get books.

“There are many cases of individuals secretly selling [books] on the black market after unsuccessfully trying to apply to sell at a government-approved business,” one North Korean defector said.

Still, one of the most despised and restricted books by the North Korean government is the Bible. Owning one is extremely illegal. If caught, believers are often tortured, thrown into prison, and even put to death.

Why, then, are people like 15-year-old John willing to cross the dangerous North Korean border in order to carry the Gospel back to their families? What kept Hana from denying Christ as guards beat her inside a North Korean prison?

The answer is simple:

Their hunger for God’s Word.

Though it may be hard to imagine, many North Korean Christians have never owned a Bible before. And families living in remote villages throughout places like Uganda and Malawi have never even seen one.

By becoming a Bibles for All Ambassador, you can help change that.

Your $30 monthly gift will send three Bibles each month to people who need them most. And since God’s Word is often shared among family and friends, each Bible will reach up to five people.

That means you can impact as many as 180 people with the Gospel in one year!

Your monthly gift will send the most important book to people living in some of the most spiritually dark places on earth. People like John and Hana.

Please give today so more people have access to God’s Word.

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