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April 2014 World Help Blogger Resources

Rebuilding Rwanda


This month we will be commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 1994 Rwandan genocide … and our efforts to bring restoration to Rwanda’s people. April 7 marks the beginning of a 100-day siege that took place two decades ago and resulted in the slaughter of more than 800,000 Rwandans.



Genocide. Hutu against Tutsi neighbor. No one was spared—not even children. In the span of only a few months, nearly 1 million innocent Rwandans were slain with machetes, machine-gunned down, and burned alive in their own homes …

But Rwandans do not want to be defined by genocide. After becoming integrated with many communities in this lush nation, our staff can tell you that these people are some of the most inspiring individuals on the planet. Thousands have overcome the unthinkable and forgiven the very people that killed their families. They are filled with grace and dignity . . . but their journeys of healing are still lived out one day at a time.

World Help works extensively in Rwanda through projects like trauma counseling, children’s homes, child sponsorship, building projects, clean-water wells, sustainable agriculture, vocational training, and more. We work side by side with Rwandans every day in an effort to build a country that is more united in hope than ever before.

There are stories of Rwandans whose lives were tragically cut short, and will never be told. Even today, genocide and ethnic cleansing are permitted to exist in countries like Syria, the Central African Republic, and Burma. But we can use our voices so that no more stories end in the tragedy of genocide. There are new stories waiting to be written—and you and I play a part in their unfolding.

For 100 days, we are raising awareness for genocide survivors through our Rebuilding Rwanda campaign, and we need your help. We are asking you to join us in spreading the word about the 20th anniversary, and to help us say “never again” to genocide. For the campaign, we have set up a Rebuilding Rwanda fund for individuals to give—which will go directly to support the above mentioned projects on the ground in Rwanda.

Supporters who make a gift of $150 or more will receive a “Peace Basket.” These traditional baskets are woven by a community of artisans who have reconciled with their perpetrators and found healing through unity in art.

As you advocate for healing in Rwanda, we encourage you to look to our blog for inspiration as we share stories and updates. This month’s resources include blog banners, high-resolution images, tweets, and more. And as always, please don’t hesitate to contact Claire Riss, our community manager, with any questions you may have.



Campaign links, links to stories, access to campaign media, downloadable banners, a Facebook timeline photo, and a photo pack for you to use throughout the month as you blog.

Helpful Links

Below are a collection of links to stories, campaign assets, associated blog posts, and media.


Rebuilding Rwanda Photo


Photos are a great way to share about our work in Rwanda. We have collected photos for you to download and use during the month in your blogs.

Download Photo Pack


Instagram Photo Pack



Facebook Cover Image

Right click on the image below and “Save Image As” to upload and use as your timeline cover image on Facebook.



Web Banners & Button

Add these banners and button image to your blog this month to promote our Rescue Homes initiative in Uganda.

Use the embed code (click inside the box next to each banner/button and use CTRL-C (CMD-C for Mac users) to copy the code. Then paste this code into your website) or download the image pack below.

Download Web Banners


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[wh_embed]<a href=><img alt=Rebuilding Rwanda src= width=300 height=250 /></a>[/wh_embed]


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