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Instead of another mug, try these gifts for teachers

Rachel Godwin
Nov 08, 2018

Teachers are among the most caring and selfless people on the planet … which means they’ll probably just smile and say “thank you” when they receive another 20 coffee mugs and candles this Christmas.

But the truth is, most educators will tell you they probably have enough of these items to open their own store!

So instead of adding to their ever-growing collections, give your child’s teachers a gift that will make a lasting impact this year.

Here are a few gift ideas for the teachers in your child’s life:

Make a donation in a teacher’s name

Since most teachers’ desks, shelves, and every other flat surface are covered with “World’s Best Teacher” keepsakes and apple-themed knickknacks, many say they would prefer a donation to a charity in their name rather than a tangible gift.

Making a charitable donation also has the added benefit of teaching your kids the importance of helping people in need. To really make the gift special, you can have your child make a handmade card explaining that he or she wants to help someone else because of how the teacher has helped him or her.

You can …

Give a child a pair of shoes in honor of a teacher: Most schools around the world require shoes as part of their dress code, but many impoverished families can’t afford them. So when you give shoes, you also open the door to education! That’s definitely a gift your child’s teacher can appreciate.

Provide storybook Bibles for kids: This is a great gift for Sunday School teachers, too. When you give fun, age-appropriate Bibles for children around the world, you help them learn the most important lesson of all — how much God loves them

Buy a truly one-of-a-kind gift 

If you still want to buy a gift you can wrap, you’ll find plenty of teacher-friendly gifts in the merchandise section of our World Help Christmas Giving catalog. Skilled artisans from around the world make every item in our global, fair-trade marketplace, so no two are exactly the same.

Your purchase supports the businesses of hardworking men and women who are fighting their way out of poverty. Plus, a portion of each dollar you spend will provide one meal for a hungry child, a cause that is no doubt close to every teacher’s heart.

You can …

Buy this handmade Middle Eastern soap: Teachers will love the set of chamomile and charcoal soaps. Each bar is handmade by Iraqi refugees who are rebuilding their lives by learning the craft of soap making. Plus, since the soap is unscented and allergen-free, it’s perfect for every skin type.

Browse all World Help merchandise: If the soap doesn’t seem like something your child’s teacher would want, check out all of our other merchandise. There’s something for everyone and every budget, from Guatemalan notebooks for jotting down reminders to Middle Eastern soap for relaxing after a long day of teaching. And don’t forget, every dollar you spend also helps feed impoverished kids!

Give the gift of giving

Teachers are notorious for paying out of pocket for school supplies and classroom decorations. They love making kids’ lives just a little bit better and brighter, even if it means a personal sacrifice on their part.

So this Christmas, why not let your favorite teacher change lives without having to spend any of his or her own money? With World Help gift cards, you choose the amount to donate … and the gift card recipient gets to decide how that money will be used. He or she can choose whether to give livestock, clean water, or dozens of other life-changing gifts (excluding merchandise).

* * * 

Whether you choose to donate in someone’s honor, give a tangible gift, or give a World Help gift card, don’t forget to remind the teachers in your life how much you and your child appreciate them.

Knowing their efforts to inspire the next generation have not gone unnoticed is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Be sure to request special Christmas greeting cards during checkout to let them know how important they are and about the impact of your gift.


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