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Liberty University ProvidingAid For Iraqi & Syrian Refugees


Liberty University, its students, faculty, and alumni have partnered with World Help over the last 20 years in many ways. From the founding of LIGHT ministries, by Vernon Brewer, World Help’s founder and president, to community development projects in Africa, to disaster relief efforts following the Haiti earthquake.
In recent years alone, Liberty has partnered with us to bring clean water to Zimbabwe, thousands of meals to famine victims in the Horn of Africa, and given children the opportunity to receive an education in Rwanda.
Last year,  Liberty University and it’s community has partnered with us to Engage Syria and help save thousands of lives along the Syrian border by providing help for today . . . and hope for tomorrow.
Today, we’re inviting the Liberty University community to partner with us again to provide much needed aid to Christian and non-Christian Iraqi and Syrian refugees who have been terrorized by ISIS. This is a humanitarian emergency.
We desperately require more funding to accommodate refugees fleeing from Syria and Iraq. Your gift of any amount can make an immediate difference.

Scroll down to watch a video on the crisis in the Middle East

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Watch the video, take action, and share the story.

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See what students are saying about it…

“In the past, I’ve never seen a trip that combines both. … I’ve only heard of a few ways to actually serve as a missionary and a counselor, and so when I saw that there was a combination I wanted to know what it would look like,”

-Kalib Wilkinson, Rwanda ’11 Mission Trip

“I have been so impacted by the beauty, tenacity and purity of the spirit of the Rwandan people … To see a people who have been through so much grief and sorrow come back stronger afterwards is an inspiration to me. … I learned so much from the Rwandan people about true love and forgiveness in the midst of great loss in their lives. I am so thankful God gave me the chance to be a part of the healing and restoration that is going on in Rwanda.”

-Bonnie Torrence, Rwanda ’11 Mission Trip

“The power of the Gospel was so evident there, considering they had been through this genocide 17 years ago … Just the healing that’s taking place, that’s in progress right now – it was just so powerful to see that and to be with those people.”

-Marlene Carrilho, Rwanda ’11 Mission Trip Coordinator

“We came thinking we’re going to be an encouragement to these people, and to just love on them. We’ve done that, but they have totally changed our hearts.”

-Jordan Sorber, Uganda ’10 Mission Trip

“I have been a part of causelife, [an initiative of World Help,] for a few years now, but not until this year did I understand how major the need for clean water is. I have witnessed poverty to its fullest in both Guatemala and Haiti, and I want to help change the world and save lives.”

–Cassie Foster, causelife supporter

“It’s so much beyond what you can get in a classroom or teach … being able to experience and meet with the people far beyond the classroom setting,”

-Marlene Carrilho, Rwanda ’11 Mission Trip Coordinator

“Raising awareness and stirring people’s hearts to be compassionate about the situation in Somalia was the desired overall outcome of the event,”

-Alyssa Hammond, Help the Horn Benefit volunteer 

“I was so reminded through this conference that God can work through anybody and is working globally … There is absolutely no limit as to what we, as women, can do for the Lord.”

– Rebekah Gregory, director of women’s ministries & ’10 Tour of Hope conference attendee

“It was fascinating to see how God used ordinary women to make a difference around the world … It makes me realize that God has a bigger purpose for me, and no matter how insignificant I may be to the world, I am identified by Christ…”

–Trudy Mohammed, ’10 Tour of Hope conference attendee


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