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People are begging for the most-banned book of all time

Sam Campbell
Sep 28, 2020

Books are more than just stacks of paper and ink bound together. Books are power.

That’s why the Bible is one of the most-banned books of all time.

The truth of God’s Word has threatened kings, rulers, and governments throughout history … and it continues to do so today. In places like China, North Korea, and Iran, owning a Bible is extremely dangerous.

If a person is caught with one, he could be beaten. Tortured. Thrown into prison.

Even put to death.

This week is Banned Books Week, a time to recognize books that some people fear are too dangerous to be on the shelves. Books like the Bible. And what better way to commemorate this special week than by placing a Bible in the hands of a persecuted Christian like Pastor Chang?

Pastor Chang knows all too well how rare it is to find a Bible in China. We’ve changed his name because of the intense persecution in his country, but he doesn’t care about the risks. He wants everyone to have the chance to read and study God’s Word.

For years, Pastor Chang presented each new believer in his church with a Bible. It was a gift that kept on giving. A constant source of hope. But that was years ago.

One day he went to the box to grab another Bible — and it was empty. All he found were the cardboard flaps at the bottom of the box.

Pastor Chang had no more Bibles to give.

“[The church] has had persistent trouble in purchasing Bibles,” one of our China partners said. “Online vendors no longer sell them in either large or small volumes, and they discovered that many other churches and Christians are facing the same issue.”

Believers like Pastor Chang can’t find a Bible anywhere. Not online. Not in the bookstore. And now the atheistic authorities are controlling the printing presses, creating their own version of the Bible.

“[This]version of the Bible would be in no way inspired by God,” our partner said. “Please continue to pray for the believers in China and their accessibility to Scripture.”

We have no idea what it’s like to be without a Bible. Just walk into any chain bookstore and you’ll find shelves full of them in all colors and sizes. Hardback and paperback. Large print. Small print. Even pocket-sized editions.

But some believers around the world are watching Bibles burn right before their eyes. They’ve had their copies ripped from their hands and destroyed in front of them. Families living in poverty are having their government benefits taken away as punishment for their faith. And many others are under constant surveillance.

Still, the choice for them is simple: They’d rather have a Bible and risk persecution.

“When life caves in, you do not need reasons — you need comfort,” Christian author Bob Benson said.

Unfortunately, many believers around the world don’t have the comfort that comes from God’s Word. But they’d do anything to have their own copy. Even risk their lives.

For just $10, you can place a Bible in the hands of a persecuted believer who is desperate for hope and comfort. And because each Bible is often shared among close friends and family, your $10 gift will bring the Gospel to many people!

Christians around the world are suffering for their faith at this very moment, but they’re not asking for the torture to stop. They’re just begging for a Bible.

Will you send one today?

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