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Quiz: How much do you know about the hunger crisis?

Sam Campbell
Apr 13, 2021

What do you plan to eat for dinner tonight? Do you feel like tacos or maybe pizza? Take-out or a homecooked meal? Will you have dessert?

For most of us, these are the types of questions we ask ourselves when thinking about food. You’ve probably never had to ask yourself, “Will I eat at all today?”

But many families around the world are asking that very question … because the global hunger crisis is getting worse.

The number of starving people around the world has doubled because of the financial impact of the coronavirus, the U.N. says. The pandemic has put countless of people out of work and made it more difficult for farmers to produce, ship, and sell their crops.

Now, families who were already struggling to find their next meal have nothing to eat unless they receive help.

Take this short quiz to find how much you know about the global hunger crisis and to discover how you can help:

1. Approximately how many people around the world are on the brink of starvation?

A. 75 million

B. 135 million

C. 270 million

D. 360 million

C. This number has skyrocketed because of the coronavirus pandemic. In April 2020, the number of people facing “crisis levels of hunger or worse” was 135 million. But by the end of the year, that number had more than doubled to 270 million. And that’s only the people who are on the very brink of starvation. If you include all of the people who face any level of chronic hunger, that number rises to 800 million.

2. The U.N. says we will see what in 2021?

A. “Famines of biblical proportions”

B. “Disasters from every corner of the earth”

C. “Food insecurity for the entire continent of Africa”

D. “The worst droughts in 50 years”

A. Before 2020 was even over, the U.N. predicted this year would bring “famines of biblical proportions” due to increased drought, the pandemic, and numerous record-breaking hurricanes that destroyed countless crops. They also said that 36 countries are staring into the face of a historic food shortage if they don’t receive help as soon as possible.

3. True or False? One out of every five children worldwide is malnourished.

True. Unfortunately, this number has grown over the past few years. Many families in developing countries can’t afford the inflated food costs caused by the fallout of the pandemic. And those living in rural communities have lost most of their crops to drought or severe floods. A lack of food robs these children of vital nutrients, stunting the growth of their bodies and their brains.

4. True or False? Childhood malnutrition recently doubled in Guatemala.

False. According to one of our Guatemala partners, malnutrition in children TRIPLED due to the pandemic and ongoing droughts. Many families no longer have an income, so they are hanging white flags outside their homes as a sign that they are out of food and as a desperate plea for help to anyone passing by.

5. Which country is now considered the hungriest nation on earth?

A. Haiti

B. Venezuela

C. Afghanistan

D. Yemen

D. For a while it was Venezuela, but at the time this blog post is written, Yemen had become the world’s hungriest nation. Over 70 percent of this country’s population wakes up every day without food. Yemen has been stuck in a civil war since 2014, and air strikes have destroyed many agriculture fields. Some of the other top 10 hungriest nations on earth include Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia, Burundi, and Rwanda.

6. True or False? Some families living in poverty are selling their personal belongings just to buy food.

True. The past 12 months have pushed struggling families in places like Uganda to the breaking point. Without jobs, they are doing whatever it takes to buy food. According to one of our partners, some people have even sold their mattresses just to afford a loaf of bread and other essentials.

7. True or False? World Help hopes to provide 5 million meals to starving families this year.

False. Our goal is to provide 16.5 million meals for people in need throughout 2021 — but we can’t do it without YOU. Your gift will help provide food for starving men, women, and children plus other urgent help. And the best part is that as our partners distribute the aid you’ve provided, they may also have opportunities to share the Gospel with the people you are helping. You’ll be making both a physical and a spiritual impact!

8. How much does it take to provide food and other help and hope to one person in need?

A. $12

B. $14

C. $18

D. $20

A. Every $12 you give is enough to impact one starving individual or another person in need. Besides food, your gift will also help provide other essentials like clean water, medical care, Bibles and more.

So how did you do on the quiz?

The good news is you don’t have to be an expert on the global hunger crisis to help a hungry person struggling to survive.

Think of the baby in Guatemala whose mother is too malnourished herself to provide her child with milk … or the little boy in Rwanda who can’t go to school because his starving body is too weak … or the elderly grandmother in Nicaragua who is digging through the trash just to find a scrap of bread.

You have the chance to help them.

Click below to make your lifesaving gift today.

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