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World Help Gifts Year-End Update

Your support has enabled us to provide help and hope through projects such as our Medical Emergency Fund, livestock, feeding centers, vocational training, and so much more.

Published: December 4, 2015

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Project Update

Guatemala, Rwanda and Middle East Guatemala, Rwanda and Middle East

We are excited to share with you how your investment through World Help Gifts is touching lives around the world. Your support has enabled us to provide help and hope through projects such as our Medical Emergency Fund, livestock, feeding centers, vocational training, and so much more. Ultimately, through these gifts, we are able to reach thousands of people with the love that transforms hearts and lives. We hope these stories encourage you about some of the lives you directly impacted.


Imagine if you had to walk for up to four hours every day just to get to and from work. This is a constant reality for many pastors in Bugarama, Rwanda. In order to reach their congregations, they traveled significant distances by foot in order to share God’s Word. This often kept them away from their own families for long periods and was a physical burden for many of them.

World Help is changing this reality by providing bicycles to pastors who need them. These bicycles allow them to more effectively spread the Gospel since they won’t waste so much time walking everywhere. One of these pastors shared that the bicycle for him was “like a miracle . . . it was an answer to prayer.” We look forward to seeing God work mightily in this area through these pastors who have been encouraged and empowered through the gift of bicycles.


Zoila Jeaneth Garcia is a 13-year-old girl living in an impoverished village in Guatemala. Every single day, she spent a portion of her day walking to the local dump where she scavenges for anything she can find so her mother can sell at the local market to earn money in order to buy food and basic necessities for the family. Zoila and her siblings never knew when or if they would receive their next meal.

Thankfully, Zoila’s circumstances drastically changed thanks to the feeding center established near her village. She now knows she can have a nutritious meal every day thanks to the provision of this center. “If we had to buy it, we would have to work a whole day just to buy one of the meals we receive,” Zoila said. The feeding center has impacted not only Zoila’s life, but the lives of many children in this area who struggle to find enough food.


“I want to follow Jesus all my life! When I pray, He speaks to me!” These are the words of 11-year-old Maryam, one of many children to receive a Children’s Illustrated Storybook Bible. “When they gave me the Bible, I immediately started reading it and I felt so special. This time Jesus didn’t only speak to me, He was right here with me. I love Him!” Maryam said. These Bibles contain beautifully illustrated stories from the life of Christ. Distributed widely throughout the Middle East, they are providing hope and comfort to children who have experienced unimaginable suffering and tragedy.

These are just a few stories of the impact you’re making by investing in World Help Gifts. Each gift, whether it be livestock, medical help, or community development projects, is making an impact in impoverished communities worldwide.

This Christmas, World Help is celebrating the joy of the season by providing help and hope to desperately needy people around the world. You can help us by supporting our 2015 World Help Gifts initiative, providing sustainable and life-saving gifts.

And don’t forget, you can make a difference by purchasing our international merchandise. The money from the sale of these items goes directly to support livelihoods. These gifted men and women depend of their craft to feed their children, pay rent, and so much more. By choosing one of these gifts, you share hope around the world!

This Christmas, give gifts, change lives, and celebrate hope by giving at

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