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India Friend of the Poor – Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was a truly memorable time for the children and staff at our sponsorship programs in India. As children joined together to fellowship, excitement was clearly evident by the huge smiles on their faces.

Published: March 13, 2014

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Outreach teams were invited to share the Gospel, and there was also a time of singing, acting in skits, and reading the Bible. These teams had the amazing opportunity to minister to the children, and as they spoke, their hearts were captivated by the message of the Gospel and the saving power of Jesus. Our partners even invited many families throughout the community to join their Christmas celebration, giving them the opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus Christ. Needless to say, it was a wonderful time of fellowship and reflection on the true meaning of Christmas.

Through your support, our international partners were able to provide delicious, traditional Indian meals for the children and also host special activities, free of charge, such as bonfires and outdoor games. Others took the children on a field trip to see the beautiful waterfalls in a neighboring town. These boys and girls were so excited to have been given the chance to witness such a beautiful creation. “We have celebrated Christmas wonderfully together,” one of our partners shared as he expressed his gratitude.

Some of our partners were able to provide the children with brand-new school books, clothing, and small toys. They were so excited to receive their very own Christmas gift and were aware that this was all made possible by loving sponsors.

Thank you for the amazing Christmas celebration you helped provide for your sponsored children in India. The children are so appreciative for the love and support you give them. You have truly made this holiday event one they will never forget!

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