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Clean Water project report | Spring 2017

Published: May 25, 2017

Project Update

Latin America and Nepal

Thank you so much for your compassion and commitment to change lives through the gift of clean water.

You’ve lowered the risk of waterborne illnesses, promoted physical health, and provided educational opportunities for children. You’ve eliminated the danger for women who walked long distances for water, and you’ve transformed a local economy. Your gift of clean water has impacted every facet of family and community life!


Through your generous gift of clean water, the village of El Cementerio has been completely transformed.

Before, families had to arrange their days around planned trips to gather clean water from the nearest source. Sometimes, women and children had to walk nearly a mile twice a day just to have enough water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

But today, the village has a well of its own. Children have more time to attend school, and their days are no longer spent trekking for water and carrying heavy buckets.

One villager simply said, “I feel very happy now.”

Because of you, the people in this arid, dry village can now walk just a few steps from their front door to collect clean, life-giving water. Thank you for your generous investment!


Before you built a clean-water well in the village of Parliamaru, Nepal, people like Raju were forced to walk to a neighboring town to purchase water.

A 30-year-old father of two, Raju earned a living for his family by working as a farm laborer. But a large portion of his wages went toward paying for clean water … money that could have been spent on food, new clothing, or his children’s school fees.

In the summer, it was especially difficult because they would be charged double the price for water.

But today, everything is different — because of you.

“My family is now able to get clean drinking water,” Raju said. “This will save us money, which is so important for feeding my family. I am so thankful. I will save time and energy and can use it for other better purposes, like paying attention to my household and my work.”

Because you chose to give clean water to someone in need, the entire community of Parliamaru is experiencing economic growth and increased school attendance. Families are healthier than ever, and for the first time, the future of Raju’s family looks bright.


It’s impossible to overstate how much of a difference your compassionate gift of clean water made for one person — and one community — in need. Thank you so much for providing clear, disease-free water — you are making an eternal impact!

You can give again and change even more lives like Raju’s and the people of El Cementerio.

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