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Cuba Church Planting project report | Spring 2017

Published: May 25, 2017

Project Update


Thank you for your investment in the spiritual growth of the Cuban people. God has used you to accomplish tremendous revival. Your gifts are equipping local church planters to reach more people than ever before … and in the past few months alone, more than 2,000 Cubans have received Christ!

You’ve also helped pave the way for more than 50 additional church plants and a pastoral training program that will help spread God’s Word throughout Cuba.


Olga has little family outside of the body of Christ. When Olga first encountered the local house church you helped plant in her town, she was overwhelmed by the love she saw there.

She accepted Christ and quickly became one of the church’s most faithful members.

Recently, Olga faced a major test of her faith. She became violently ill and had to stay in the hospital for 15 days … but she never complained. She praised God and trusted Him. Church members took turns visiting her at the hospital, bringing her meals, and taking care of her disabled son.

The hospital staff was so impressed by her attitude and the selflessness of her Christian brothers and sisters, that they asked questions about their faith. Because of her illness, Olga and her church family had the opportunity to witness to dozens of unbelievers!


All José ever knew about his parents was that they had abandoned him as a child. He spent his early life in a lonely orphanage, surrounded by few family and friends. He finally found happiness when he married his wife and discovered she was pregnant with their first child. But just a few months later, both she and their unborn baby were killed in an accident.

José was devastated. Life lost its purpose. He wandered from town to town for many years — for decades — searching for happiness.

At 79 years of age, he found himself living in Canton and seeking fulfillment through the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Then, he met one of the church planters that you help support. As soon as he heard about Jesus, he knew he had found what he was looking for. He immediately received Christ.

A short time later, José was baptized. With tears streaming down his face, he cried out, “How happy I am to have known God and to have the Christian family!” He finally had the love of a family and the purpose his life had always been missing — because of you.


Your support has impacted so many lives with the Gospel. Because of you, people like José and Olga have experienced God’s love and are now on a mission to share it with others. Thank you so much for investing in the lives — and eternal futures — of so many people!

You can give again and continue transforming Cuba for Christ today.

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