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World Help Gifts project report | Spring 2017

Published: June 1, 2017

Project Update


Thank you for choosing to give someone a brighter future through World Help Gifts. Your compassion for those in need has made an incredible impact.

Whether you gave Bibles, chickens, school supplies, shoes, or another powerful gift, your generosity transformed someone’s life. Thank you for changing the world … one person at a time!


Auma, from the village of Pugwinyi in Uganda, has worked hard all her life to take care of her family.

However, finding work in Auma’s village is difficult, and food is often expensive or scarce. Auma was always looking for extra ways to earn money to buy food, but her options were limited.

Then, she received a surprise that created the perfect opportunity!

Auma received training on how to care for pigs and was taught how to construct a pigpen. And once her pigpen was finished, she received a pig of her own.

Because of someone like you, Auma and her family finally have a reliable source of income. She now can breed her pig and sell the piglets at market. This gift has transformed her life and given her hope for a better future.


Joseph Owori is a young pastor in the village of Luwunga, Uganda. He has a wife, a little girl, and a heart for his community. But for a long time, he also had a problem — no reliable transportation. Joseph had to travel long distances on foot in order to preach in nearby villages.

And transportation wasn’t just Joseph’s problem. His whole village struggled with this issue. Sick people often had to walk several miles to reach the nearest road so they could catch a taxi or bus to the hospital.

Joseph was disheartened that he wasn’t able to minister to the community as much as he’d like. But then a generous gift changed that!

Someone like you gave Joseph a bicycle … and that bicycle changed his life! Joseph now uses it to bring goods to his village, take sick people to the hospital, and help him spread the Good News of Jesus. Because of a simple act of kindness, Joseph can get places faster and help even more people.


Your gifts have already made a tremendous difference for people just like Joseph and Auma. Thank you for choosing to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives of others.

You can give again and help change another life today.

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