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Community Development Project Update

Before a community can thrive, change must begin with meeting individual needs. Your focus was on the one person in need—the boy without clean water or the mother without a home for her children.

Published: June 2, 2016

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Project Update

Central African Republic, Uganda, India Central African Republic, Uganda, India

Before a community can thrive, change must begin with meeting individual needs. Your focus was on the one person in need—the boy without clean water or the mother without a home for her children. But your gift is already at work multiplying . . . spreading from one individual to touch an entire community.

Thank you for investing in the potential of one person. Your gift is creating a cycle of sustainable growth and forward progress for an entire village!


During Central African Republic’s civil war, the children and staff living in Irene’s Home of Hope were at risk as national unrest stirred in the capital city. Daily reports came in about brutal violence against women and children.


A security fence needed to be installed immediately to keep everyone at the home safe.

Your generosity, combined with the love of others, ensured the fence was installed quickly. After it was completed, Jason told us he feels much safer:

“Our home now has a security wall for our protection for which we are grateful. On behalf of all the orphans in Irene’s Home of Hope in Bangui, Central African Republic, may the Lord bless you,” said Jason.

A few months ago, the civil war ended. Thanks to this addition at the home, each child has peace of mind knowing they are safe.


A newly constructed pediatric clinic at Destiny Children’s Home provides life-saving care for children in need. Equipped with a skilled medical staff, parents know their children will receive immediate, quality care.

“Having the pediatric clinic is a golden blessing to me for many reasons, but especially that of immediate medical attention for children. We have lost more than one baby because there was no immediate medical care for them. The team working there is available to handle any case that arises,” said Evah, national partner at Destiny Children’s Home.

For Esther Kabongera, the clinic was the difference between life and death for her son:

After my son started convulsing, I got so weak and confused. I carried him to the clinic where I also received immediate attention. My son got all the treatment he needed at no charge. I am so grateful to God for this clinic because it is very near and they gave all the treatment at no fee. I do not know how I would have met my medical bill if I did not bring my son to this clinic or even if my son would make it alive to the other health center in the community. Thank you for providing this clinic.



In a mountainous village in India, Ashok Singh Lal was a modern-day Saul before he came to know Jesus Christ. He taunted and persecuted Christians in his village, constantly indulged in alcohol, and abused his family. When God miraculously healed his wife of throat cancer, Ashok finally committed his life to serving the Lord.

Today, Ashok is the pastor of a newly constructed church in his village, Ward No. 3. Through your support, local Christians will finally have a place for church services without fear of persecution.

For Sarita Ramteke, a woman in Ashok’s congregation, the construction of the church building has allowed her to attend more regularly. Before, her husband refused to let her to travel far away to attend church. Her sister also accepted Christ and is being nurtured through the church. For all these blessings, Sarita is extremely thankful. She gives all the glory to God for hearing her prayers for a new church building.



Community development begins at the very roots of a village—with your support of an individual’s needs. Ultimately, your investment fosters long-term change and sustainable development. You are breaking the bonds of poverty one person . . . one community at a time.

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