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Cuba Church Planting Project Update

Thank you for supporting a church planter in Cuba! Entire villages throughout Cuba have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. These are the communities your church planter is strategically planning to reach!

Published: June 2, 2016

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Project Update

Cuba Cuba

Thank you for supporting a church planter in Cuba!

Entire villages throughout Cuba have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. These are the communities your church planter is strategically planning to reach!

Through your investment, the tools and resources your church planter needs to reach his country for Christ—and start a new house church—are readily available to him. Thank you for encouraging him through your faithful prayers and support. You are an integral part of his ministry.

Here are some stories of how God is using Cuban church planters to make a difference in their communities:




A church planter in Camaguey recently planted a new church, the third church plant overall. This new church required a huge sacrifice, especially in money spent for transportation, as it was located 70 kilometers from Camaguey. Despite the obstacles and with faith that God would provide, this new church was planted.

While involved in the third church plant, a group of Christians in Las Tunas were desperate for a church in their community. At that time, the planter simply could not say yes . . . there were no resources available.  It would take a miracle to start this new church.

After much fervent prayer, the church planter received word that additional resources had been received! God answered the prayers of this faithful church planter, and now a fourth house church has begun in Las Tunas. God is truly using these church planters to accomplish eternal work in Cuba.




In the region of San Andres, Cuba, lived a blind, homeless man who was completely rejected by his village. One of our church planters took an interest in him, showing love and compassion, demonstrating that even though all had forsaken him, God still loved him. Knowing his situation, it quickly became clear to the church planter that not only did this man have spiritual needs, he also needed his physical needs met . . . he needed a place to live.

The church planter approached other individuals on the team and asked them to consider giving toward building this man a small home. He also shared the story at a missions retreat, and many other church planters wanted to help as well. With everyone pitching in, they raised the funds to begin the building process.

By God’s grace, the home was built! And through the kindness and love shown by this church planter, the blind man became a believer in Jesus Christ. The efforts to build the home also caught the attention of the community who couldn’t understand why anyone would care enough to help a man that had been such a nuisance within the community. This home is a testimony of God’s love to all people.

Today, this blind man’s home is the meeting place for a new house church.


What an incredible impact these church planters are making!

Through your continued support, you are empowering church planters to spread the Gospel and make disciples across Cuba. You are truly investing in something that will outlive you and last for eternity.

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