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Community Development Year-End Update

Thanks to your help, communities are being transformed as a growing number of men, women, and children now have access to life-saving medical care, education, and shelter.

Published: December 4, 2015

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Project Update

Honduras and Uganda Honduras and Uganda

Many communities around the world lack access to valuable resources including clean water, medical clinics, housing, schools, and churches that can make the difference between barely surviving and thriving. That is why World Help makes community development and restoration a priority. Thanks to your help, communities are being transformed as a growing number of men, women, and children now have access to life-saving medical care, education, and shelter.

This year, we were able to build numerous small homes, medical clinics, church buildings, and Villages of Hope . . . impacting thousands of lives.


Homes are not merely a place to live . . . they provide shelter in the midst of tragedy and provide a safe environment where children can grow. In South America, many single parents live in homes made of tin and plastic, which are unable to provide much protection from inclement weather. Without adequate shelter, women and children are left vulnerable to natural disasters and potential intruders. With your help, we are able to build sturdy homes for families in need.

One such family lives in R. Colonia El Palomar, Honduras. Olga is a single mother with three children who washes and irons clothes for a living. Each time it rained, their home would leak causing the family great discomfort and hardship. Paired with a fear of animal attacks or thieves, this made sleeping very difficult for this family. Now, they have a home that will help protect them from bad weather and unsafe conditions. Olga thanks God for answering her prayers.


Another important community development outreach is building medical clinics and clean-water wells. Lack of sufficient medical care and clean water can lead to sickness and death for many men, women, and children living in impoverished communities. Children in Nazigo, Uganda, frequently traveled long distances to reach a contaminated water source to collect water for their families. And when sickness occurred, people were forced to self-medicate or travel long distances to obtain treatment from inadequately equipped clinics in other villages.

Our Africa Regional Director Cyrus Mad-Bondo said, “Children in the pursuit of water in the village of Nazigo is just a way of life. They are skinny, tired, and hungry, but still must go look for water. They can get badly burned, but [there is] no health facility. All of this is about to change thanks to the provision of a clinic and clean-water well taking place in this community.”

Soon, families in this village will no longer need to walk for miles to gather water or endure sickness, injury, or disease without access to medical treatment. They will receive the life-saving care they desperately need.


Villages of Hope exist to provide care for children and young adults directly affected by AIDS, particularly in Africa. Through this outreach, hundreds of orphaned children are able to have a safe place to live, receive food and medical care, and go to school. One of these villages is located in Katende, Uganda.

Sixteen-year-old Brenda Namakula slept in classrooms with others girls her age. These classrooms were crowded, loud, and poorly ventilated, providing a difficult environment to get adequate rest for the next day of school. Thanks to our generous supporters who provided the funds necessary to build a Home of Hope in Katende, Brenda and the other girls now have plenty of room to sleep and move around in a new dormitory with ventilation and lighting. This home provides girls with a safe place to stay and the care they need.

Thank you for your dedication to helping us to provide these valuable resources to help families and communities thrive. It is through your investment that these projects have become a reality, impacting thousands of people each year.

Please join with us this Christmas season as we continue to provide clean water, small homes, churches, schools, and medical clinics in developing countries worldwide. Your partnership will make a lasting impact on future generations.

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