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Syria and Iraq Year-End Update

Right now in Iraq and Syria, millions of refugees lack access to the most basic necessities for daily survival, as well as the tools and empowerment needed to stand strong in the seemingly unsurmountable challenges ahead.

Published: December 4, 2015

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Project Update

Iraq and Syria Iraq and Syria

Thank you for your support of World Help’s Middle East Refugee Relief project. Your gifts are making a difference for the millions of people who have been displaced in what the United Nations is calling the world’s largest refugee crisis since World War II. Right now in Iraq and Syria, millions of refugees lack access to the most basic necessities for daily survival, as well as the tools and empowerment needed to stand strong in the seemingly unsurmountable challenges ahead.

And yet as violence, fear, and hopelessness seem imminent, the work of God is being accomplished through our partners on the ground.

More than 94,000 lives have already been impacted in 2015 through our various projects in Iraq.


Typical aid distribution includes staple food items, baby food, hygienic items, new shoes, socks, and cotton shirts. In preparation for winter, we are now sending heaters, blankets, and carpets to help cover bare cement floors. Your gifts have literally made the difference between life and death for these refugees!

Gaidaa, a 40-year-old woman from Bartila, shared how grateful she was for the supplies her family received. “I am so thankful for what you brought to us . . . Thank you very much for your help, you bring a smile wherever you go,” said Gaidaa.


Every day, at our fully outfitted mobile medical clinic, anywhere from 70-100 people are treated for simple fevers, ailments, or injuries—free of charge—which prevents these conditions from quickly turning deadly if left untreated.

A 28-year-old man named Philip was addicted to drugs before coming to the medical clinic. But through compassionate care, our doctors were able to help him physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Eventually, they prayed with him as he received salvation through Jesus Christ.

In Al Amal, a doctor saw several patients with similar diarrhea symptoms. He ran several lab tests before discovering that the water cistern in the area had been compromised. Thanks to your generous giving, our international partners were able to install a water filtration system that immediately alleviated the problem!


After fleeing their homes, many refugees have lost or become separated from family members, friends, churches, and social communities. Our international partners are working to facilitate special programs that give refugees the opportunity to receive critical training to help prepare them for the future.

In two towns, special meetings are being held for women, teenagers, and children. A recent women’s gathering taught life skills, provided trauma counseling, and shared the message of the Gospel. Children’s and youth programs feature movies, games, singing, and other activities. All meetings include aid distributions, general health instruction, and a Gospel presentation.


Many Christians were forced to leave their Bibles behind when they fled from ISIS. For others, their Bibles were taken and destroyed. Recently, our team went door to door with these precious gifts, and each copy was received with humbling gratitude.

“I left all my belongings, my home, clothing, everything, because of my faith in this Bible. I came here and they gave me a new Bible. I thought that this Bible was worth everything that I left behind. For Jesus we are willing to give everything we have, and we will never surrender.”

– Farij, from Qaraqosh

“I felt like I had gained the whole world when you gave me this Bible. Many things that I did not know before, I have now learned through having a Bible and being with this ministry.”

– Sa’ad, former soldier and police officer


Take action today! God is waiting to use you to transform lives.

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