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Project Report

Published: September 25, 2018

Project Report

Nigeria Nigeria

Thank you for helping meet the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world. Your selfless compassion improved the lives of individuals and families in desperate situations.

Without your help, many people wouldn’t have essentials like food, clean water, or medical care. And some of them may still have been living without hearing the Good News of salvation. You made an impact that will outlive you and last for eternity.

You gave peace to persecuted Christians

Twin sisters Mara and Rayowa grew up in a radical Muslim home in Nigeria. Their entire family actively persecuted Christians.

Then, one day everything changed. The two girls, whose names we’ve changed to protect them, were walking home when they saw a crowd shouting, “Jesus is Lord!”  The crowd of believers was celebrating the miraculous healing of a man they had been praying for. This experience was the first step in the sisters’ conversion journey.

The next step was when Mara and Rayowa received Bibles of their own. And that’s where your gift made a difference!


Both Mara and Rayowa became Muslim-background believers. Their family turned on them and began beating them and harassing them regularly. Finally, they were thrown out of their home and forced to flee.

But even in these trying days, Mara and Rayowa have been able to cling to the hope found in their Bibles — Bibles they received because of your generosity!

“Now I can read and see my newly found faith is strengthened,” Mara said. She also believes studying it will better equip her to reach out to her other siblings and lead them to Christ one day.

You helped a child smile for the first time

Living in an impoverished country like Guatemala means that even hospitals lack basic equipment. So, when Estefani’s son was born with a cleft lip, she didn’t have any hope of getting it repaired. The local medical center didn’t even have an anesthesia machine. Estefani worried what her son’s future would look like if he didn’t have surgery.

Babies with a cleft lip often have a difficult time feeding, which can lead to severe malnutrition. And left untreated, a cleft lip can cause recurring ear infections and even permanent hearing loss. Estefani was afraid her son would have to deal with these health complications his entire life, not to mention bullying because of his appearance.

But your gift helped provide the hospital equipment necessary for his operation.

Once the anesthesia machine arrived at the Guatemalan hospital, Estefani’s son was able to have the required surgery. Now, because of you, Estefani and her little boy are smiling with joy and gratefulness.

“The surgery would have been impossible before,” our partner said. “It changed his life!”

Thank you, again, for choosing to give where help is most crucial. Your generosity is shining the light of Jesus Christ and meeting people’s greatest needs.

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