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Rescue Programs project report

Project Report

Published: September 20, 2018

Project Report

Haiti and Guatemala Haiti and Guatemala

Thank you for giving to help rescue children around the world. Because of your generosity, kids in Haiti, Uganda, and Guatemala no longer have to suffer from life-threatening malnutrition.

When you gave, you restored hope and peace of mind for both a child and his parents. Without your help, he may not have lived. You’ve made an incredible impact by stepping up and standing in the gap for a child in need.

Masterby’s story: Haiti

When Masterby was born, he was already malnourished.

His mother couldn’t afford the nutrient-rich foods she needed to fuel her own body and her baby’s. So when she delivered him, he weighed only 5 pounds.

As the mother held the tiny child in her arms, she praised God that at least he was alive. Her last child had been stillborn, and her eldest had died from severe diarrhea and dehydration. Masterby’s mom prayed she wouldn’t lose him, too.

And you helped answer that prayer! Today, Masterby is a chubby, healthy boy.

After receiving emergency medical treatment and vitamin-packed formula at the Haiti Rescue Center, he soon began to gain weight. His little skeleton was no longer visible through his skin. And his mother wept for joy.

Today, Masterby receives regular checkups to make sure he remains healthy, and his mother is receiving additional help, as well. She is so grateful to you for helping give her son a second chance at life.

Delmi’s story: Guatemala

Delmi doesn’t really remember her father. He abandoned their family while Delmi was still young, leaving her mother alone to care for their four children — three of whom had special needs.

Delmi’s grandmother allowed the family to live with her, but they struggled to make ends meet. And as a result, Delmi suffered from constant hunger and malnutrition.

But because of your generosity, Delmi received the vital medical attention and nutrition she desperately needed.

After several months of treatment and physical therapy at the Guatemala Rescue Center, she is now healthy and thriving.

Your gift helped ensure that Delmi could have a bright future, and her mother wouldn’t have to worry about how her daughter was going to survive.

Your selfless compassion helped save her life!

Thank you, again, for helping save children from malnutrition. You have literally helped rescue them from the brink of death.

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