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The #1 objective for the U.S.-North Korea summit in Vietnam

Blog Team
Feb 18, 2019

At the end of February, all eyes will be on another U.S.-North Korea summit as President Trump and Kim Jong-Un meet for the second time.

“I look forward to seeing Chairman Kim and advancing the cause of peace!” President Trump tweeted last week.

Peace. That’s the No. 1 thing that everyone is hoping and praying will come from this meeting in Vietnam. But while millions watch Kim Jung-Un and President Trump at this summit, hoping for a denuclearization deal, thousands of people back in North Korea will be secretly praying for another kind of peace.

These are the underground Christians of North Korea, and they will be praying for the same thing they pray for every day — a future when they can finally worship God freely without fear of being sentenced to a political labor camp or even killed.

And they are also praying for something else — a prayer request you can help meet. They are praying for Bibles.

In the midst of persecution, North Korea believers are desperate to read the comforting promises of their Heavenly Father. But Bibles are among the rarest items found in North Korea.

Occasionally, one can be glimpsed on the black market or secretly slipped from the palm of one trusted believer to another. Unfortunately, most North Korean Christians have never seen one … much less owned one for themselves.

Today, for $10, you will help provide a Bible to a secret North Korean Christian.

Right now, if a North Korean is caught practicing Christianity, he can be sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp. Not many people survive more than a few years in these camps, so that’s essentially a death sentence.

But despite their persecution, North Korean believers are still crying out for Bibles. The demand is so high, our partners who secretly distribute copies can’t keep up with the demand.

That’s why North Korean Christians desperately need your help. They need YOU to help send them Bibles.

While the media focuses on North Korea during this second summit, another part of North Korea will stay hidden away. The fact that thousands of North Koreans are imprisoned in labor camps, just for being Christians, will remain in the dark.

But you can show one North Korean believer that you care about his struggles. And you can show one underground Christian that you love him by helping secretly distribute a Bible to him.

You can help give him the peace he has been praying for.

Will you give the Word of God to one North Korean today?

You’ll be shining hope in this spiritually dark country. And you’ll be helping to change the country … one Bible at a time.


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