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The gift of a Bible saved a man’s life … and started a revival

Emily Towns
Aug 21, 2019

Gregorio knows firsthand the power that God’s Word can have in someone’s life. After all, reading the Bible saved his life during one of his darkest moments. And because of generous donors like you, Gregorio can now share God’s Word with his entire community in Guatemala.

You have demonstrated your passion for meeting the urgent, physical needs of people around the world. But you also recognize the importance of introducing people like Gregorio to the message of Jesus Christ.

In 2018, World Help donors helped provide 21,959 Bibles for Christians and seekers in places like Guatemala, Nigeria, China, and North Korea. You can read more about the impact you had this past year by checking out our Annual Report.

Nowhere are the Bibles you helped provide more appreciated than in Bible deserts, places where God’s Word is illegal or scarce and where Christians are often persecuted.

You also helped make sure that numerous believers had somewhere to gather and worship. Over the past year, you and other donors helped plant 6,257 churches in some of the most spiritually dark places around the world, allowing the body of Christ to continue growing despite oppression.

The difference a single Bible can make

Today, Gregorio is a pastor in Guatemala. But he was not always a follower of Jesus.

In the midst of a dark season in life, Gregorio was battling depression. Desperate for help, he turned to the Bible, a gift from his aunt. The words he read touched his heart and showed him what he was missing — a personal relationship with Jesus. He prayed and read the Gospel over and over, ultimately committing to share the hope of Jesus with others.

But there was a problem. In Gregorio’s village, God’s Word was extremely hard to find. Like Gregorio, many people had never read a verse of Scripture in an actual Bible. Gregorio wanted to share Christ with his community, but he needed more Bibles to do it.

Thankfully, you and other generous donors made a way for the people in his village to receive life-changing Bibles. Gregorio was able to distribute them to his community, and he is already seeing a remarkable difference.

“Since the moment the population of this village received Bibles, there began a transformational change in the life of each person who was a beneficiary of this best gift: the living Word of God,” Gregorio said. “These transformations are evident in their delighted faces, filled with a smile. Now, I testify of the work the Lord is doing in their lives.”

You have been instrumental in helping introduce people all over the world to the Gospel — through sending Bibles, building churches, supporting church planters, and so many other ways.

By being the hands and feet of Jesus, you’ve demonstrated His love to people who needed to be rescued. Thank you for making it possible for pastors like Gregorio to share the Good News with people in their communities.

You can continue making a difference by giving an additional gift today. Gregorio’s life was changed when his aunt gave him a single Bible, and every Bible you send helps someone like Gregorio find hope in the midst of their darkest moments.

Click below to learn how you can help transform another life through the gift of God’s Word.


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