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The people of Nicaragua need your help now!

Blog Team
Aug 16, 2018

Nicaragua is in crisis. Over the past three months, political protests have escalated and become violent. The situation has received little media attention until now … despite the fact that nearly 450 people have died and countless others are suffering without adequate food or medical care.

They need lifesaving supplies — supplies you can help provide for as little as $25!

The economy has plummeted since the conflict began, and many in Nicaragua fear for their lives. Food and medical supplies are almost nowhere to be found. And people can’t afford them even if they were available.

We have partners on the ground ready to distribute emergency aid, but they desperately need your help. Their feeding centers serve more than 6,000 children regularly. Recently, however, the only thing they’ve been able to offer the kids is sugar mixed with water.There is just no food. It’s heartbreaking!

You have the chance to help save a life. For just $25, you will help provide two weeks’ worth of emergency food and medical aid for one person.

While we pray for peace to come quickly in the nation of Nicaragua, you can help one person survive. You can provide a sense of hope and stability in a time of great chaos.

Give today and help send critical aid to someone who needs your help.


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