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What happens when you help rescue a child?

April Stumme
May 03, 2018

Hilda isn’t even 1 year old yet, but she’s already a warrior. She’s faced one of the biggest fights of her life.

Severely malnourished and tiny for her age, Hilda was near death when she was brought to a Rescue Center. Thanks to the compassion and generosity of a stranger from across the ocean, Hilda was saved.

Hilda’s story is one of struggle, but also of hope and new life. Today, you can give hope and renewal by being a rescuer for another child in need.

Hilda’s rescue journey

Hilda’s journey began in a small, mud home in Guatemala. Even her 11-year-old sister, Viviana, knew there was something wrong with the newborn; Hilda cried all the time. Although she was just a month old, her 4-pound body seemed small.

Of all the worried faces in her home, the one Hilda knew best was her mother’s. Every day she saw the fear and exhaustion in her mother’s eyes as she watched her daughter lay dying. Her mother felt helpless because she couldn’t afford the formula Hilda needed.

One hot summer morning, everything changed. Hilda and her mother were taken to the Rescue Center. Her mother prayed the doctors would be able to save her baby — even though she wouldn’t be able to pay.

When Hilda arrived at the Rescue Center, the nurses quickly took her in. Because of a donor’s generosity, the medical team had everything they needed for her initial evaluation and care — at no cost to Hilda’s mother. Following the baby’s evaluation, a nurse began feeding her the lifesaving nutrients she needed.

Your rescue journey 

When you give to help rescue a child, you reach across oceans into places such as Uganda, Haiti, and Guatemala to help pull a boy or girl back from the brink of death. You help save a life.

There are countless orphaned and abandoned children starving in Ugandan slums. In Haiti, there are families suffering from years of poverty that struggle daily to provide for their children. Young children in the mountains of Guatemala face severe malnutrition without access to medical care.

When you give, you provide children and their families with help and hope they never thought was possible.

As soon as a child arrives at the local Rescue Center, your $50 goes to work helping provide an initial medical exam to determine the kind of treatment the child needs. You’ll then help provide lifesaving resources such as initial nutritional supplements.

By meeting these immediate needs, you help a child take the first steps toward recovery.

You also have the opportunity to support a child’s entire rescue and rehabilitation. A generous $1,200 gift will rescue a child and provide lifesaving help such as:

• Transportation

• Medical treatment at the Rescue Center

• Hospital stay

• Housing and care for family members

• Food, clothing, and supplies

• Continuing care and check-ups

Parents also receive training in basic nutrition, hygiene, and healthcare to make sure their children remain healthy even after they return home.

Hilda is doing much better now, and her mother is excited to watch her grow healthy and strong. But there are children all over the world who still need help.

You can be a rescuer for one child waiting for help today!

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