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You can’t wrap a goat

April Stumme
Dec 05, 2017

My grandfather never wants anything for Christmas. My dad always asks for the same five things. My friends say they have too much stuff already.

Some people are almost impossible to shop for. Thankfully, if someone in your life already has everything, giving a charitable gift in his or her name is a great solution. The World Help Gifts catalog is full of presents you can give in your loved one’s name. There are so many options you are sure to find a perfect gift for everyone on your list.

But presenting a non-traditional gift can be tricky. You can’t exactly wrap a goat or put the gift of clean water under the Christmas tree. So if you’ve decided to give a gift in someone’s honor this Christmas, here are a few tips to help you make your gift shine.

1. Tell them what their gift is doing

This is the most important part. The power of your gift is lost if you don’t tell the recipient what a difference it’s making! If you’re giving a sewing machine, tell your loved one how this gift will provide a family with the means to start a business and pull themselves out of poverty. If you’re giving a pair of chickens, don’t forget to mention they can lay up to 400 eggs a year, providing an incredible source of protein for malnourished children. Check out the description of each gift in the online catalog for more details about how the gift you choose will transform a life.

2. Get something for them to unwrap

If you’re nervous about giving a non-physical gift, you can still give your recipient something to unwrap. And there are plenty of fun, clever ways to do it! For example, if you’re giving a goat in your brother’s name, you can wrap a stuffed goat or some goat cheese for him to open. Then explain the bigger gift that your present represents.

3. Write them a card explaining why you picked this gift

When you give a gift in honor of a loved one, you can choose a gift that relates to him or her. If your gift recipient loves to garden, you can give seeds to help a family grow their own vegetables. Does your friend enjoy bicycling? You can give a bicycle to provide a family with transportation when they need to travel to work or to the doctor. Make sure you request a Christmas card when you purchase your gift, and use this card to write a special message, reflecting the heart behind your gift. Your card will show how much love and thought went into the gift you chose.

So if you think giving a gift in someone’s honor might be right for you, try these tips! And you don’t have to stop here. Be creative, and if you come up with a great way to present a non-physical gift, let us know on our Facebook page. We would love to hear how you and your loved ones are changing lives around the world this Christmas.


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