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This Christmas, empower others to change the world

Emily Towns
Nov 18, 2018

One of the best Christmas presents I ever received was a book on writing from my uncle. It wasn’t something I had asked for or mentioned … yet it was exactly the gift I needed.

The book was wonderful, but it was the thought behind the gift that I still treasure. My uncle knew that I was passionate about the written word, and he wanted me to know that he believed in me. He believed that I could change the world and touch hearts with my words. That has stuck with me ever since.

The gift of belief and empowerment is an incredibly special gift to give. By giving a World Help gift card, you allow your friends and family to support whatever cause they are passionate about. With gift cards, you remind the recipients that they can have an impact — no matter who they are, where they live, or what they do.

They have what it takes to make an eternal impact.

Not sure who to give a gift card to? World Help gift cards make great stocking stuffers for:

Young children or grandchildren

As we celebrate and remember the gift of Jesus Christ, a World Help gift card can be an excellent way to remind the children in your life that it is better to give than to receive. Together, you can look through the World Help Christmas Giving catalog and choose something the children find interesting.

Does your grandson always ask you to read the book about farm animals? When you give him a gift card, you can share how chickens or a goat can change someone’s life.

Does your daughter love to ride her bike around the neighborhood? In many countries, bicycles are the only way people can get to work … or to the doctor. With her gift card, she can help give someone a set of wheels that will help pull him or her out of poverty.

People who have everything

For me, buying gifts for my grandparents can be difficult. They rarely ask for anything in particular, and my grandma tells me every year that they don’t need anything new.

So that’s when you have to get a little creative. The World Help Gift card can be a great solution!

It will allow your loved ones to bless someone else — something you can never have enough of.

People who are passionate about something

By giving me a book about writing, my uncle validated my passions and dreams and showed me that I could use them to help others. When you give a World Help gift card, you do the same thing!

Does your son or daughter love to cook? Allow them to feed starving children in countries around the world by using their gift card to send livestock or seeds.

Does your mother-in-law love to quilt or sew? She can use her gift card to invest in the business of someone living in poverty by purchasing a sewing machine.

Is someone in your life a teacher who is passionate about educating students? He or she can use a gift card to provide educational assistance, counseling, and more to girls trapped in cultural slavery.

Whatever your friends and family are passionate about, your gift will allow them to leverage that passion into something that will bring help and hope to people in need.

* * *

A World Help gift card is more than just a piece of plastic or a sheet of paper — it is the key that will allow your loved ones to discover what they are passionate about and begin to do something about it.

You choose the amount to give, and they choose how they will transform lives.

If you decide to give a World Help gift card this holiday season, you can also order a physical copy of the World Help Christmas Giving catalog or share the link to shop online. This will allow your friends and family to easily put their gift cards to good use

You can change the world this holiday season by investing in the passion of someone you love. Giving is contagious … will it start with you?


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