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Every day can be Freedom Friday

Blog Team
May 29, 2017

In places like Thailand and the Banchara community in India, prostitution is culturally accepted just like any other business. Societal pressure often pushes girls into this work even if they want nothing to do with it.

The sad truth is, most of these girls have no choice. They don’t have the option to pursue a different career because they don’t have the proper education and support.

This was the case for one girl from Pattaya, Thailand — we’ll call her Nam to protect her identity.

Nam’s mother was as prostitute. From a young age, Nam experience intense ridicule because of her mother’s profession. Burdened by shame, she eventually found what she thought was her chance to escape.

Nam met a man who told her he loved her and asked her to run away with him.

She was desperate for any opportunity to get away from the shame of being associated with the sex industry. So she quit school and fled.

Sadly, Nam’s story is a common one in Thailand. A man will frequently seduce a vulnerable, young girl and promise to protect her … at least until she becomes pregnant. Then, abandoned and without an education, she will be forced to work in the sex industry she hates so much — just so she can survive.

But you can do something to help. You can give girls like Nam a safe place to live where they can pursue their education or receive vocational training.

Freedom Friday may be officially over, but you can choose to make any Friday a Freedom Friday by donating to help women escape the sex industry.

When you give a girl freedom, you give her hope, possibilities, and dignity … and a future where she can thrive!


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