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Five things your letter says to your sponsored child

April Stumme
Mar 31, 2018

It’s easy to remember to tell people you love them when you see them often. But since you don’t see your sponsored child face-to-face, it can be difficult to remember to write. And even when you do, you may struggle with knowing what to say because of cultural differences or the age of your child.

You may even feel like your letters and your sponsorship aren’t really making this child feel special, loved, and cared for.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t ever doubt that you are transforming a child’s life with your sponsorship. And no matter what words you use in your letters, just taking a minute to send a note to your sponsored child says a lot.

Here are five things your letter says to your sponsored child:

1. “I love you”

This is so important! Sponsored children are often facing difficult circumstances in their lives, but knowing you love them makes all the difference.

Sunday from Uganda told the couple who sponsor him that he knows they care, even though they are far away. “In body we are apart, but in spirit we are one,” he said. His sponsor’s letters and support remind him that he is not forgotten.

2. “Jesus loves you”

Maybe the most special thing you can give your children is the knowledge that God loves them. In your letters and through your sponsorship, you encourage your child to grow closer to Jesus. And your sponsored child sees that!

After corresponding with her sponsors, Mary knew one thing they had in common was their love for the Lord. So she was excited to tell them about her plans for Easter: “I am going to go to church after prayers. I remember the love that Jesus showed me, so this day is so holy to me.”

3. “You are worth investing in”

Your sponsored child knows that your monthly gift provides essentials such as food, clothing, and educational opportunities and that your generosity is the ticket to a better future. But when you take the time to write, you show your sponsored child that you want to do more than invest in him or her financially; you want to invest in a relationship.

Francis wanted to make sure his sponsors knew that he took their gift seriously and that he didn’t want to let them down. “I thank you for paying my school fees,” he said. “I promise you that I will work hard up to university.”

4. “I believe in you”

Many children never had a chance to dream about their future before they were sponsored. So when you write to your child and tell him he can be anything he wants to be, it means the world to him.

One young man reported back to his sponsor with excitement, “I am pursuing a gospel artist career and have recorded a song and a video.” He knew his sponsors would be proud to hear about his accomplishments.

5. “I want to share my experiences with you and hear about yours”

Children are naturally curious. They enjoy learning about new cultures, places, and people, which adds to their excitement when your letters arrive. Kids frequently start their letters by asking about their sponsors’ family and how they are doing. And they love when you remember to answer these questions in your next letter.

It also means a lot to your sponsored child when you ask him questions about his own life and experiences. Since many of the kids in the program come from troubled backgrounds, they may have had few people make the effort to get to know them. Your questions — no matter how simple they may be — are another way of showing that you care.

* * *

Your correspondence means the world to your sponsored child. And even if they can’t reply right away, sponsored children understand that your letters are precious gifts — reminders of your love for them.

So don’t get discouraged if your letters aren’t as well written as you’d like. They speak volumes to your sponsored child, and they always bring joy and hope.

Thank you for taking the time to support a child through your letters and your giving. Because of you, a child now has a brighter future and knows how much he is loved. I can’t think of a better gift you could give.

If you’re unsure how to write to your sponsored child, check out this simple guide. Or click below to send your letter via email.


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