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Goat questions? Here are 5 FAQs about giving livestock this Christmas

Kelsey Campbell
Oct 29, 2021

Whether this is your first time shopping the World Help Christmas Giving catalog or this is a treasured Christmas tradition with your family, you may still have questions about selecting gifts from the catalog — especially when it comes to sending livestock around the world.

So here are five answers to some frequently asked questions about livestock:

1. What livestock can I find in the Christmas Giving catalog?

When you think about giving livestock, the first thing you may think of may be a cow. They produce milk for butter and cheese. And their calves can be sold for an additional income. But in the World Help Christmas Giving catalog, there are a variety of animals at different price points. From giving a chicken for $22, a goat for $100, or an entire livestock bundle for $3,000, no matter your budget, you can find an animal that will help transform a life.

2. How is livestock helpful for families in need?

Food is the greatest need for families living in poverty. By providing livestock like chickens or goats, you’re giving a family nutrient-enriched foods like eggs, milk, and cheese. But you’re not only providing food. An animal’s products or offspring can be sold at market to provide an additional income for the family.

3. If I order livestock, how will it get there?

If you choose to give livestock, those animals will be purchased in the same country that the recipients reside in or in a neighboring area. This not only saves on cost, but it also ensures the animals are treated more humanely since they have a shorter journey to their new home. Purchasing livestock nearby helps boost the local economy, too, by supporting community farmers and herders.

4. How are the suggested donations determined for gifts?

The suggested donation amounts are based on the average cost of an item in the countries where we work. You can be assured that every dollar you give is helping to make an enormous impact. Of course, the amounts listed in the catalog are suggestions; any gift you choose to give will be greatly appreciated.

5. How will you use my gift?

We promise to maximize your contribution to make the greatest impact and help as many people as possible. If the need has been met for the gift you select, your donation will be used to provide similar aid in the same category or to help people most in need.

We hope this has answered your questions, given you peace of mind, and sparked some creative gift-giving ideas. If you have more questions, you can click here. Whatever gift you choose, you’ll be helping transform lives around the world. So start shopping!

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