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Nepal Crisis Project Update

Your investment is helping a family rebuild their lives, a child return to school, and a believer worship in a new church building.

Published: June 1, 2016

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Project Update

Nepal Nepal

Thank you for investing in Nepal’s reconstruction. In the midst of the chaos, you saw the individual—the child who lost her parents, the father with no place to work, the grandmother without a home—and decided to help.

Your love provided a warm blanket, desperately needed food and shelter—but even more importantly, you gave our national partners the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


It’s been over a year since the devastating earthquakes struck Nepal, and today, the country is slowly getting back on its feet. The government is rebuilding schools, homes, and businesses. Displaced villagers are returning home. Sponsored children living in Grace Home will soon have a newly reconstructed facility.


Your investment is helping a family rebuild their lives, a child return to school, and a believer worship in a new church building.

Something as simple as providing a warm blanket has made a huge impact:

While distributing blankets, our partners met a 98-year-old woman living by herself. After receiving her blanket, she said, “Tonight, I will finally have a sound sleep. Many nights, I wanted to die because of the cold.” Because of the kindness she was shown, she asked to hear about the Gospel. A few weeks before she passed away, this precious woman received Christ as her Savior!

Your support has met more than just physical needs . . . you also met spiritual needs as 17 new churches were established and more than 2,000 people accepted Christ! Incredible! Our partners shared with us this incredible impact:


“Had it not been for relief distribution, many would not be in the Kingdom of God today. [The earthquakes] brought tremendous opportunity for the Body of Christ to demonstrate our love for the people in need. Everyone is helping each other. But this gave us a good reason to be with them, saying, ‘We are here, if you need anything.’ There is a great sense of spiritual power, that we are touching the lives of people.”



God has used you to bring healing and restoration to so many people! Your gift, given to the one in need, has multiplied to reach the people of Nepal with life-saving aid and salvation.

Thank you for your dedication to responding after tragedy. Today, one child, one mother, one grandfather is still alive—and thriving—because of you. That’s an impact you can be proud of!

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Additional Reading
    • Your Impact in Nepal: One Year Later
    • One year later, your impact in Nepal continues. Your compassion reached some of the most remote, overlooked communities with food provisions, clean water, warm blankets, durable clothing, cooking supplies, and medicine. The lives of tens of thousands of survivors were hanging in the balance until your help arrived.

    • Blankets Provide Tangible Hope
    • My family and I lost everything in the earthquake. I have been worried, because winter is coming and we don’t have enough blankets to keep us warm. Pastor Hanok came to my village and distributed warm, thick blankets provided by World Help and we are so glad. Now my family will be warmer this winter. Our children will be safe from pneumonia.

    • Nepal: Building a Firmer Foundation
    • “Everyone was tired, but no one was sleeping,” Director of International Programs Mark Hogsed said as he reflected on his trip to Nepal just days after the April earthquake. “The first three nights I was there, there were small aftershocks during the night. I didn’t feel them because I was asleep. The following day, I was asked by the Nepalis if I had felt the aftershocks. When I said no, they couldn’t believe it . . . it made me realize they were awake all night out of fear.”

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