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Rescue Programs Year-End Update

So far in 2015, our supporters helped rescue more than 300 children from harsh environments, giving them the opportunity for a healthy future.

Published: December 4, 2015

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Project Update

Guatemala and Uganda Guatemala and Uganda

Through your continued support and prayers, we are able to rescue severely malnourished babies and children from desperate situations all around the world. Your commitment to being the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus is one that will outlive you and last for eternity. Without your help, children in Guatemala, Uganda, and Haiti would not have the hope they do through our Rescue programs. Thank you for your care and love for these children!

So far in 2015, our supporters helped rescue more than 300 children from harsh environments, giving them the opportunity for a healthy future.

Through your support, our partners are able to rescue hundreds of children who are barely clinging to life. No circumstance is the same, but our medical staff and team work diligently and endlessly to provide the life-saving support and treatment these children and their families desperately need. We are so grateful for your partnership and are excited to share a couple stories of the lives you have impacted.


Born to a young mother, Genesis was severely underweight. During the pregnancy, her mother did not have access to prenatal care or healthy food. It was due to this lack of care and proper nutrition that resulted in complications during the pregnancy and giving birth to Genesis who weighed only four pounds.

Due to her severe malnutrition, Genesis’ mother could not produce enough milk for her daughter to be properly nourished. Additionally, Genesis’ father abandoned the family before she was even born, offering no help to the family. Even after birth, Genesis lost more weight, and her situation became extremely critical. Thankfully, our team at the rescue center was able to meet this family’s needs and provide life-saving care for Genesis. Thanks to the nutrition and medical care she received there, Genesis is improving daily.


Alone, Rehema’s mother had nine children to care for after her past two husbands abandoned the family, offering no support. She was losing hope quickly and the children soon became a hindrance when she was trying to find a job. With her family unsupportive and her two oldest children already working at a young age, she had no choice but to seek help for her youngest child, Rehema. She came to the rescue home in Uganda desperate to find help to ensure her daughter had everything she needs for a healthy and productive life. While there, Rehema receives the care and nutrition she desperately needs, all the while living in a loving and nurturing environment.

Without the commitment of our supporters, like you, these children would not have received the essential care they needed. Genesis and Rehema are just two of the lives impacted through Baby Rescue. With your continued partnership, we can reach hundreds more and continue to save lives, giving high-risk children a fighting chance. Thank you for being part of this journey and for your commitment to help us intervene on behalf of children in dire need.

We need your continued help to rescue more babies. With Christmas just around the corner, why not give the gift of rescue? Just imagine the impact you could make this Christmas season by saving the lives of hundreds of children around the world. Join with us today to reach these precious children and provide them with a healthy and happy childhood.

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