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Sharing God’s Word at home and around the world

Emily Towns
Aug 21, 2018

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

— Psalm 96:3, NIV

In a refugee camp in Iraq, a man makes his way to his shelter. He has spent most of this cold, winter day in line waiting for food rations. He and his family have been stuck in this camp for years — and he is weary. But when he enters the shelter, he sees his Bible. He opens the Book, and his anxiety melts away. Life as a refugee is hard, but God’s Word reminds him he is never alone.

The Bible he holds was given to him thanks to donations from generous World Help supporters — supporters like the partners at West Coast Sand and Gravel.

West Coast Sand and Gravel started 50 years ago as a small, two-truck company selling brick, stone, and other building materials in California. In recent years, the family-owned business has grown, diversifying and adding 25 new locations and more than 300 trucks. Despite their growth, they have held to their original values of safety, stewardship, and service.

West Coast Sand and Gravel has helped people around the world in a variety of ways, but one of their primary passions is to see the Word of God in the hands of everyone on earth. For years, the company has made this a priority and gives Bibles to every new employee.

When the partners learned about World Help’s goal to send Bibles to Iraq and North Korea, they immediately knew this was something they wanted to do. It fit perfectly with the company’s values.

In both Iraq and North Korea, possessing a Bible can put a believer in serious danger. Because of that, very few Bibles are available, and Christians there are desperate for God’s Word. They are living in the midst of a Bible desert devoid of the Living Water.

West Coast Sand and Gravel wanted to use their resources to bring hope to these persecuted Christians. Because of the company’s generosity, many Bibles have been printed and secretly distributed to believers and seekers.

“We don’t own our business; we are just entrusted with God’s business,” said Mike Struiksma, partner and director of human resources for West Coast Sand and Gravel. “We want to be good stewards and bless others in response to God’s incredible grace. We can never do enough, but we are grateful for the opportunity to support causes that are pleasing to God.”

Over the years, West Coast Sand and Gravel has seen God provide in amazing ways, allowing them to invest in a vocational school in Uganda, as well. They have found that meeting the physical needs of people actually opens the door to share the Gospel.

Because of this company’s faithfulness, God’s name is being proclaimed around the world. But there are many people who are still waiting to hear the Good News. Click below to learn how you and your business can open the door to share the Gospel and the love of God in some of the most spiritually dark places on earth.


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