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[VIDEO] Daleep’s tailoring business in Nepal is hanging on by a thread

During my recent trip to Nepal, I heard all kinds of personal stories from people who are struggling more than ever as prices continue to climb around the globe.

I already introduced you to Anila and Lakpi, but today I want to share Daleep’s testimony.

Daleep is a husband, a father, and a talented tailor. His business suffered during Nepal’s lockdown, and now that the cost of materials has skyrocketed, he is once again feeling the economic strain.

People like Daleep want to provide for their families … but they need your help to do that.

Watch this video to hear from Daleep:

During the height of the pandemic, Nepal went under lockdown like so many other countries around the world. Daleep said the police patrolled the streets during that time and didn’t allow people to go outside.

Unfortunately, that meant he couldn’t open his tailoring shop for nearly a year but still had to pay the rent.

Daleep said God provided for his family during that time, even though it was difficult to make ends meet.

But now, Daleep is faced with a new problem. Since the price of food and other essentials has risen, he struggles to afford the basic materials he needs for his tailoring business.

“I used to buy one meter [of fabric] for 500 rupees,” Daleep said. “Now, the same meter costs 900 rupees.”

Tailor in Nepal struggles to keep business open
There are people worldwide like Daleep that need your help to provide for their families

What’s worse is that his customers aren’t willing to pay the extra cost. And if things don’t change, Daleep isn’t sure how his business — or family — will survive.

I want to encourage you to put yourself in Daleep’s shoes for just a moment and imagine how scared and overwhelmed he must feel. His business is struggling … his family is hungry … and he has no idea what to do about it.

Will you be the lifeline that someone like Daleep needs today?

Thanks to a $25,000 matching gift, every dollar you give will DOUBLE to provide essentials like food, clean water, medical care, God’s Word, and more for 2x as many people like Daleep.

Please give as generously as you can and be the hands and feet of Jesus to TWICE as many people around the world.


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