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Why your $35 gift means the world to a refugee

Kelsey Campbell
Mar 16, 2019

Beatrice didn’t know how she’d feed her children.

Tarek almost lost his leg after being tortured.

Many refugees burned their possessions and anything else they could find to stay warm this winter; and this summer, they’ll battle heat exhaustion and dehydration as they continue living in sweltering, overcrowded camps.

These problems may seem insurmountable, but for $35 you will help provide $189 worth of food, clothes, clean water, medical treatment, and more for a refugee in need.

Here in the U.S., we can spend $35 just going to the movies and ordering popcorn, candy, and a soda. But for someone who has nothing — and struggles to stay alive every day — $35 is life changing.

Here’s what your $35 will help provide and how it will impact a refugee:

1. Nourishment

Most refugees in displacement camps are given monthly rations, which usually consist of some cornmeal and oil — maybe some beans if they’re lucky. But it’s never enough to last the entire month. Plus, some refugees are forced to sell part of their rations to buy other basic needs like soap, shoes, or to pay their children’s school fees.

Without aid, refugees like Beatrice are forced to watch their children slowly starve to death. But because of generous donors, food arrived in Beatrice’s camp in the nick of time — right when her family ran out of rations.

Finally, Beatrice could feed her malnourished children.

“I want to thank God for the grace and love you have shown to us,” Beatrice said. “This food helps us because right now we are in the middle of the month and the food that we received is finished.”

Meals provided to refugees in the camps are full of nutrients and protein. For families suffering not just from hunger but illnesses caused by malnutrition, the food you provide will help save their lives and get them healthy again. You can help answer the prayers of another person like Beatrice.

3. Health care

Medical care is vital for people who have fled war-torn countries. After surviving explosions and gunfire, refugees arrive at camps exhausted and suffering from various physical ailments after their long journeys. Unfortunately, they can’t afford to see a doctor once they get there.

But when you give $35, you help provide the medicine and treatments a refugee needs.

Without someone’s compassionate giving, Tarek would have lost his leg … and maybe even his life. We’ve changed Tarek’s name for his protection since he fled Syria after being released from prison. He was charged with rebelling against the Islamic State.

Tarek’s leg was severely injured after being tortured in jail, and he could barely walk. As a refugee on the run, there was no way he could afford to go to a hospital. But because of a free medical clinic was stocked by generous donors, Tarek was able to receive emergency care.

Now, not only is he healthy and thriving, but he and his wife both accepted Christ because of the ministry of the testimony of the staff at the refugee clinic in their displacement camp.

Tarek’s story is just one of many examples of how your gift doesn’t just make a physical impact — it often makes a lasting spiritual impact, too.


3. Everyday needs

Meeting physical needs is one of the most effective ways to usher in the Gospel. You can’t talk to a person about the Bread of Life if they are starving to death or about Living Water if they are dying of thirst.

And it’s in extreme conditions that refugees need your help most. Whether it’s the brutal winter or scorching summer, refugees need food, clothing, blankets, and clean water in order to survive. Children will freeze to death without coats in the winter. And families will wither away in the blistering heat without access to water.

No one should have to know the agony of either. But refugees all over the world suffer every day, and many will die without these necessities.

That’s why your $35 is critical … because it can help transform the life of a refugee … for today, but also for eternity.

Not to mention … your gift multiplies 5X!

When you give to help rescue refugees, your gift is combined with grants and physical donations, multiplying your impact so you help even more people.

  • • $35 = $189 worth of aid for one refugee
  • • $70 = $378 worth of aid for two refugees
  • • $350 = $1,890 worth of aid for 10 refugees


That means that every dollar you give multiples more than 5X!

* * *

Imagine being without food, water, or access to basic medical care for even a week. Or, worse, imagine not being able to provide those items for your children or grandchildren.

Will you give $35 today so a refugee doesn’t have to know the pain of going without these basic needs all people deserve.


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