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Will you save countless lives in 2023 by joining the Front Lines?

Megan Stoia
Jan 17, 2023


Disaster can happen at any time — and it can completely change the trajectory of someone’s life.

It’s a lesson we’ve learned all too well over the last few years. Do you remember how you felt when COVID-19 first hit in March 2020?

It seemed like the whole world shut down overnight. Entire states went into lockdown, and people were quarantined in their homes. Schools everywhere closed without warning … and didn’t open for almost a year. It was easy to feel isolated, faced with an unknown future.

It was a disaster. A crisis on a global scale that no one was really prepared for.

man provides aid to ukrainian refugees
Last year, Front Line donors sent emergency aid to Ukrainian refugees

But disaster does not limit itself to just one form. It can take the shape of flash floods, earthquakes, war, famine, or extreme persecution.

Crises transform lives without a moment’s notice, and if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need to be ready.

That’s why people around the world need someone like YOU to become a Front Line donor.

When you decide to join the Front Line, your monthly gifts will be the first on the ground, responding to the most urgent needs around the world.

Plus, your gifts will be DOUBLED your first year thanks to a $110,000 matching gift. That means you’ll help save twice as many lives!

Still not convinced? Here are a few ways our Front Line donors saved lives in 2022:

– Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine last February, causing millions to run for their lives. Front Line donors had emergency aid waiting for refugees on the border of neighboring countries without delay.

– When parents in Sri Lanka could no longer afford to feed their children because of a historic economic crisis, Front Line donors rushed nutritious food so they wouldn’t starve to death.

– Front Line donors helped mobilize emergency aid to Cuba just days after Hurricane Ian tore through the island.

– Mothers like Mayra in Venezuela were struggling to survive in the face of skyrocketing prices. Front Line donors provided lifesaving aid to ease her burden.

– And so much more!

man begins to rebuild after hurricane
Front Line donors were the first on the ground to provide help and hope after Hurricane Ian tore through Cuba

You’ve probably heard of some of these stories in the news, but crises in places like Sri Lanka are often overlooked. They’re beaten out by the biggest, latest, and “greatest” problem.

As a Front Line donor, you’ll not only help respond to crises like the war in Ukraine and Hurricane Ian every month, but you’ll also be a lifeline during crises that don’t make the major headlines … and give hope to people who thought they were invisible.

While we don’t know what this year will hold, one thing is for certain. People will need your help to make it through.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make an eternal impact in 2023. And don’t forget — with the $110,000 matching gift, you’ll provide food, clean water, medicine, God’s Word, and more for 2x as many people your first year!

Please, join us on the Front Lines and give monthly to provide help and hope to those who truly need it the most.


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