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World Day of Prayer: 6 prayer requests for a world in crisis

Sam Campbell
Mar 05, 2021

Can you believe it’s almost been one year since the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic?

More than likely, you’ve spent much of the past year on your knees in prayer. You’ve spent countless nights pouring your heart out to God, and yet … the pandemic continues. People are still dying. Family members are still getting sick.

But we can’t stop praying.

Today is World Day of Prayer, a time for believers to join together and pray for the most urgent needs at home and around the globe. This year, there are plenty of both.

Here are a few prayer requests you can continue to pray for throughout the day:

1. Pray for the safety of healthcare workers and teachers on the front lines every day

2. Pray for people who don’t have the comfort of God’s Word during these uncertain times

3. Pray that out-of-work families will find jobs again

4. Pray that global economies would stabilize and recover from the fallout of the pandemic

5. Pray for families who are starving during worldwide food shortages

6. Finally, pray that we will see an end to the pandemic in 2021

Although it can be tempting to give up and stop praying at times, remember that God still hears you. Just think of all the prayers He answered in the Bible!

The church prayed for Peter’s release from jail, and an angel led him right past the guards and out of prison.

Elijah asked God to reveal His power in front of Baal’s followers, and God sent down fire to consume the altar.

Hannah was barren, but God heard her desperate prayers and blessed her with a son.

You see? Nothing is too big for God — not even a global pandemic.

In addition to praying, there is one other way that you can help meet some of these global needs. When you make a donation by March 31, your gift will DOUBLE up to $135,000, thanks to matching funds. That means you will help provide 2X as many people with essentials like emergency food, lifesaving medical care and hygiene kits, Bibles, and so much more.

Please take a few moments today to pray for the needs of people near and far. And if you’d like to put feet to those prayers, click the button below to learn how your gift will do just that.

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