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You can be on the front lines around the world

Kelsey Campbell
Jan 23, 2021

Rescuers are always on the front lines.

In action movies, you don’t see the heroes hiding behind others. They’re front and center, leading the charge. They run into the fray, not away from it.

When you become a World Help monthly supporter, you put yourself on the front lines of saving lives. Your help is among the first to arrive in dire situations.

Maybe you’re wondering how you’re helping on the front lines. You want to give monthly to help whenever disaster strikes, but you don’t know exactly where your money will go.

Here are just a handful of the roles you can fill with your monthly gifts:

Be the medic 

When violence or a natural disaster breaks out, people desperately need medical care. Whether its physical or psychological, you can help treat the hurting.

Even before a global pandemic, people living in poverty desperately needed access to medical care. And now those needs are even greater. Refugees especially need treatment while they struggle to survive in cramped living spaces, stay warm in thin tents that can’t keep out the cold, and scrape by on too few rations.

Your monthly gifts will help provide essentials like hygiene kits, medical care, and medical equipment that hospitals and clinics need to keep functioning. You can help treat the sick no matter where you are.

Be the canteen

Just like the first responder who is the first to hand out water, food, and other physical essentials, you can feed the hungry through your generosity.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, malnutrition in children has tripled in places like Guatemala. Families in poverty were struggling before. But now this is different. Children are starving to death. And without help, many children won’t live past their third birthday.

But every month you give as a monthly supporter you will meet immediate needs like providing food for hungry children around the world.

Be the chaplain

When people are going through a crisis, they’re often more open to the Gospel. They’re looking for the ultimate help and hope that comes only through Jesus Christ. That’s why it’s so important to tell others the Good News — especially during their hardest days.

As the help you send is delivered, our partners and local pastors will have the chance to talk about how this is Jesus’ love in action. Your monthly gifts will also help plant churches and provide Bibles.

Persecuted Christians and people living in Bible deserts are desperate to own a copy of God’s Word. Believers want to be able to hold a Bible in their hands so much that they’re willing even to risk their lives. You can be the one to give them the Bible they’ve been waiting for.

Be the recovery crew

After the dust clears, disaster relief workers are the first on the ground, but they also stick around to help people begin to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives. Your gifts help with the initial needs after a disaster, but your faithful giving month after month can also help with lasting recovery.

By giving again and again, you show others that you are with them for the long-haul. You’ll show how much you care … and that you haven’t forgotten them once a tragedy falls out of the headlines.

Be the ready responder

When you become a World Help monthly supporter, you’ll be ready for whatever comes. Because you give year-round, you’ll be ready to help in any emergency situation, and your gifts will be among the first on the ground.

It takes just $12 to provide urgent help and hope for someone in need. So with a monthly gift of $24, you’ll help rescue two people every month. You’ll meet needs by providing essentials like food, medical care, clothing, hygiene kits, Bibles, and so much more. You’ll show others they aren’t alone.

Plus, you never have to worry about forgetting to send your gift since you can enroll to give automatically by credit card or direct deposit.

A couple of clicks today is all it takes, and this time next year, you’ll be able to look back and see all the ways that you were a rescuer on the front lines.

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