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Gift ideas for every person(ality) on your Christmas list - Part 3

Sam Campbell
Dec 16, 2020

NOTE: This blog is the final in a three-part series. To read the full series, click here for Part 1 and click here for Part 2.

Christmas is next week, which means last-minute shoppers will be running to stores over the next few days or desperately scrolling through Amazon to find the perfect gift available for express shipping.

And you’ll probably see more than one person with that “deer in the headlights” look as they scramble to find that last gift.

But you can avoid ALL of that by finding the perfect gifts in the World Help Christmas Giving catalog. There’s something for every personality type you might be looking for.

You can donate each of the items below in honor of your family member or friend, and it will go to a person in need. Not only will it put a smile on your loved one’s face, but it will also provide help and hope to someone struggling around the world!

Here are three final gift ideas for every personality on your list:

Gifted gardener

Is there someone on your Christmas list who can grow almost anything? Perhaps the flowers on her porch always have the prettiest blooms. Or his garden produces the best corn and green beans every year.

If that’s the case, consider giving clean water in honor of the gifted gardener in your life!

Many children around the world are dying from waterborne diseases. Mothers are walking for miles just to fetch buckets of dirty river water. And farmers can’t feed their families because they have no water to help their crops grow.

But your gift will change all of that when you provide one person with clean water for an entire year.

You will help someone like Edith. She no longer has to worry about her children getting sick from drinking contaminated water. Her family’s life is forever transformed because someone chose to give!

Natural nurturer

This is the type of person who is great with kids. Perhaps he has kids of his own or is an amazing uncle. Maybe she’s a teacher or volunteers in the church’s nursery.

The natural nurturer has a heart for children … so why not rescue a child in his or her honor?

In places like Haiti, Uganda, and Guatemala, children are dying from severe malnutrition. Their families don’t have enough food to keep them healthy, and they can’t afford to take them to a doctor. So, many of these children are on the brink of preventable deaths.

Your gift will help rescue a child like Oscar from an early grave. You will give him or her access to nutrition, medicine, and emergency medical treatment.

Best of all, your generosity will help provide a child with hope for a happy, healthy future.

Hardworking helper

Last — but certainly not least — is a gift given in honor of the hardworking helper in your life.

Do you know someone who is always willing to offer assistance? Whether it’s washing dishes after a family dinner or mowing an elderly neighbor’s lawn, this person takes every opportunity to jump right in and offer a helping hand. Many times without even being asked.

If you know someone like this, consider giving where needed most in his or her honor!

Your gift will help people in the most urgent situations — from feeding starving children to sending Bibles to persecuted believers to helping families recover after a natural disaster. You can be sure your gift will have the greatest impact around the world.

And when you give where needed most, every dollar DOUBLES thanks to a $50,000 matching gift. Your loved one will be thrilled that his or her honorary gift is helping rescue 2X as many people in need!


This holiday season, skip the lines in the stores, the needless scrolling online, and the unnecessary headache.

Give meaningful gifts in honor of every personality on your shopping list with just a few simple clicks. When you do, you’ll make an incredible impact that will outlive you and last for eternity.

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