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Not sure what to buy the teachers in your life? We’ve got some ideas

Emily Towns
Nov 07, 2019

Even though it’s been years since I was in grade school, I can still remember almost all of my teachers’ names. They had such an incredible impact on my life, and I loved getting the chance to thank them with a special gift for the holidays.

But what kind of gift does a teacher really want?

We can all agree that school teachers work extremely hard. They spend hours and hours preparing lessons, and then they spend hours and hours teaching our kids. Outside of your family, teachers are the adults that your children spend the most time with. Every day, they pour out their love and attention on the next generation, and it can be hard to properly show your appreciation.

This Christmas, you can show a little love back by choosing a gift that truly makes an impact.

Make a donation to a cause teachers will appreciate

With so many students, teachers receive a lot of gifts during the holiday season. And while they enjoy a mug or a gift card, they also love transforming the lives of children in need. That’s why they do what they do! By helping people in need on behalf of teachers, you show just how much you appreciate and respect their care for your children and future generations.

1. Provide clean water for one person

Clean water is something we often take for granted, but in many communities around the world, it is not easy to find. Many children spend hours every day walking to the nearest water source instead of attending school. But for just $15, you can provide clean water that will last a person for an entire year. It’s an investment in a community and in another child’s life — something your children’s teachers are sure to appreciate.

2. Help rescue a sick or malnourished child

A lack of water isn’t the only thing keeping children in poor communities out of the classroom. In places like Guatemala, Haiti, and Uganda, malnourishment is a common and deadly issue, and many families cannot afford the medical treatment their little ones need, even if it’s available. For just $50, you can help begin the process of healing and restoration for one child — giving back his or her chance at a future.

Purchase a gift that really gives back

If you still want something for your children to wrap up and bring to school, why not look at our merchandise? Every item in the catalog is handmade by artisans from around the world, and a portion of every purchase goes to help feed starving children. That means when you purchase one of these items to give to a teacher, it’s truly impacting multiple lives. Here are a few your teachers might enjoy:

1. Guatemalan makeup bag

Perfect for holding everything from makeup to pencils, this handwoven bag is a showstopper and a conversation starter — and you can never have too many attractive storage bags! With this purchase, your $15 will be supporting local artisans, giving back to a community in need, and providing 15 meals for hungry kids.

2. Brazilian coffee

Instead of giving the standard mug, allow your children’s teachers to brew their own cups of this delicious, Brazilian-grown coffee. Every $10 bag of coffee you buy allows hardworking coffee farmers in Brazil to provide for their families and helps feed 10 boys and girls!


Teachers are some of the most generous people in the world. No matter what gift or donation you choose, you are certain to show your appreciation for the countless hours each teacher spends caring for your children.

And don’t forget to request one of our festive World Help Christmas Greeting cards during checkout. You can write the teachers in your life a special note to let them know just how grateful you are.


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