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This Christmas, help transform lives for under $30!

Sam Campbell
Nov 03, 2021

Your Christmas list may already be pretty full.

From parents to grandchildren to best friends, you have plenty of people to shop for. Maybe giving a gift from the World Help Christmas Giving catalog seems impossible this year.

But did you know you can give life-changing gifts for under $30?

Here are three gift ideas that won’t cost a fortune:

Clean water for one person

You use water every single day, and most of us don’t think twice about it.

Whenever you need something to drink, you can turn on your tap or grab an ice-cold water bottle from the fridge. When it’s time to take a shower, you have plenty of steaming water at your disposal.

Unfortunately, many people like Julitha don’t have that luxury.

Rather than going to church, this single mother had to spend her Sunday mornings walking for miles to find a water source. The journey could take hours, and the dirty water she carried back home to her five children was always full of bacteria.

For just $15, you will provide one person with clean water for an entire year!

You will help keep someone like Julitha healthy and safe from disease. Plus, your generosity will allow her more time to work or attend church with the family.

Emergency care for one child

Dirty water is not the only cause of sickness for people living in poverty.

Since the start of the pandemic, the number of malnourished children around the world has multiplied. Their out-of-work families are struggling more than ever to afford food. And underfed mothers are finding it difficult to produce milk for their babies.

But your $24 gift can be a lifeline for a malnourished child like Astridah.

After her mother passed away, Astridah’s father had no money to buy formula for his 3-month-old daughter. Without help, she would have starved to death.

Your gift will provide nutrient-rich formula, food, medical treatment, and more for a child struggling to survive. This Christmas, you can help rescue a child from starvation and give her hope for a long, happy life!

Bibles for North Korean believers

North Korea is still considered the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian.

Owning a Bible or even mentioning the name of Christ is cause for punishment. If caught, believers are often thrown into prison, tortured, and even put to death.

Regardless, people like Hana are willing to risk it all for God’s Word.

Hana spent a year trapped inside a North Korean political prison. She was beaten and bruised until her face was unrecognizable … but she never denied Christ. As a believer, she had Scripture memorized to comfort her during those dark days.

But many persecuted Christians don’t own a Bible. Some have never even held one before!

For just $10, you will help print, ship, and secretly place God’s Word in the hands of a North Korean believer. And since believers often share their Bibles with family and friends, each Bible you send will impact up to five people!

You see? Giving a life-changing gift is more affordable than you might think.

Whether you choose to give clean water, help rescue a malnourished child, or help meet some other need, your gift will provide physical help and spiritual hope for people who need it most.

Please give today and make an incredible impact this Christmas for under $30.

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